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Classics Rodimus Canopy Modification

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Originally Posted by Ramrider View Post
The canopy mod's not actually that hard to do; the pin you need to hinge it is already there attaching the rear panel. You just need to get rid of the screw in the canopy, temporarily remove the pin and trim out the plastic that stops it from opening. It takes a little work (it's much easier if you have a rotary tool), but it's worth it.

That backpack is insane, but for space operations, kinda makes sense.
This pretty much sums it up. Be very careful with the pin, as the canopy part can be fragile around this area.

Once a person starts to work with it, it's clear to see what exactly needs modding.

Originally Posted by Ramrider View Post
I'll try and explain how it's done roughly based on fuzzy memory and looking at my long-modded Rod.

First, lift up Rod's chest and undo the screw in his abdomen. This allows you to pull out the entire roof section. Put the screw back into the shaft in the canopy. You'll need it later to re-attach it to his stomach again.

Now, remove the other screw in the underside of the canopy; this holds the windshield to the cockpit. Chuck it in your spares box, you can use it on another kitbash.
Also, knock out the pin in the back corner of the cockpit. This you will need later. As well as holding in the spoiler parts that just fell off, this pin will also serve as the hinge for the cockpit. Put them all aside together.

Now the cockpit comes apart, and you can start looking at what will stop it from opening. First and most obvious thing is the shaft that comes down from the inside of the roof. This is where that screw you threw away drilled into, so you know it doesn't need to be there anymore. Get rid of that (up to the supporting T-bar) with a rotary tool or some clippers.

Then you just need to look at the back end of the canopy, to see what parts obstruct it from opening. If you study it properly, you should find that that main thing you need to get rid of is the back "wall" of the upper canopy. Trim this out from this inside, using a rotary tool if you have one, and I'd recommend clippers and a file if you don't. You can use a knife, but this plastic is hard, and it's very easy to slip (which you don't want, especially when you know it'll be a busy night at the hospital).
Once that's smooth, test-fit it again, and you'll probably find a little obstruction at the bottom rear corners of the cockpit. Trim out the corners of the lower component in this case, as you'll barely see them anyway.

Again, give it a test-fit, but you should be able now to re-attach the spoiler parts and put the pin back in. Try opening the canopy; if it doesn't, go back and have another look at anywhere that might still be obstructing. I think I've covered it all though, so it should open now. In which case, you can now get that screw out of the shaft on the bottom and re-screw it through his abs. You should now be golden.

While I don't have WiP pics of the mod I must've done four years ago at least, I have just removed Rod's canopy and shot a pic of it open, so you can see fairly closely what my finished result looks like.
Originally Posted by struecker85
[Here, I] found this link Pictures by Primus_Feather - Photobucket; the pictures were once on this site:

Attached Thumbnails
-rodimus-01.jpg   -rodimus-02.jpg   -rodimus-canopy-01.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy01.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy02.jpg  

-pf_rodimus_canopy03.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy04.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy05.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy06.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy07.jpg  

-pf_rodimus_canopy08.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy09.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy10.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy11.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy12.jpg  

-pf_rodimus_canopy13.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy14.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy15.jpg   -pf_rodimus_canopy16.jpg  
Originally Posted by Autobot Burnout View Post
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Originally Posted by Dean ML View Post
SQ7 is a wise wise man.

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I know there's been a few of these tutorials floating around, but i posted how i was able to do this over at Cyb.CA and a fellow member there suggested i post it over here too.

This should take out almost any guess work in doing this simple mod.

For those who are interested in the look, this is an extremely easy mod to do. All you need are basic hand tools:
  • hammer
  • pliers
  • small Phillips head screwdriver
  • an even smaller flathead screwdriver
  • nail clippers
  • nail file/sanding paper
  • sidecutters

In alt mode, flip over Rodimus and remove the small flanged Phillips screw located in the center of his undercarriage in between the front and back wheels. You should then end up with 2 chunks of Rodimus:

Determine which end of the pin holding his canopy together at the upper back area by looking for the "cross-ribbed" impressions on the ends. On this one, theyíre on the passenger side of the cockpit. Make sure you have verified it really is the side that's ribbed. It's not fun knocking the pin the wrong direction!

Once it's out the other side enough, grab hold of it with a set of pliers and turn while pulling:

Once the pin is out, flip the whole canopy assembly over and now remove the last screw underneath. The assembly should now be able to separate into 3 pieces, canopy glass, interior and the rear middle trunk chunk:

On the upper canopy glass piece, Iíve used black permanent marker to show you what needs to go;

Using a combination of the side-cutters and sand paper, this is what you want to see after removal of the excess:

On the interior piece, you want to shave off plastic at a 45 degree angle at the front of the pivot posts. Again, Iíve used black permanent marker to show what has to go:

This is where a good sharp nail clipper comes in handy! This is what it should look like after nail cutting:

With the sand paper or emery board, round down the sharp edges and angles on where you just should look like this afterward:

Reassemble the three pieces (canopy glass/interior/rear trunk chunk) but don't re-install any screws. Push the pin back in but only half way. This is when you can test it all for any rub areas, clearance issues, etc.:

On the canopy glass piece, i used a nail clipper again, clipping the very corners of the back of it for more "opening" clearance in alt mode:

On the front of the glass, to make it functional without having to always bend his front bumper down, I use the nail clippers again to take out two squared corner chunks, shown with black marker again:

. . . . and after clipping:

Re-assemble everything, making sure "not" to reinstall the small screw under the canopy. (not the first flanged one you took out, that one goes back in!)
You should end up with about this much plastic removed, along with 1 extra screw:

Last step...sit back and enjoy:

(For those wondering if the molded seats are still there, you can paint the seats as posted above. Also, see chansformers' example below for further reference. ~Sq7

Attached Thumbnails
-canopy-mod-020.jpg   -canopy-mod-014.jpg   -canopy-mod-013.jpg   -canopy-mod-011.jpg   -canopy-mod-007.jpg  

-canopy-mod-005.jpg   -canopy-mod-004.jpg   -canopy-mod-002.jpg   -canopy-mod-022.jpg   -canopy-mod-010.jpg  

now open for commissions,minor to major,big or small,you dream it i make it.
pm me if interested or you have something in mind;)

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This is how I did it;

Step 1: Lift up the bonnet of Rodimus while in robot mode. The screw that is in his gut is the screw you want to first remove as this will take the canopy of his back. Keep this screw as you will need it.

Step 2: There is the second screw which attaches the canopy to the insides of the canopy. Get rid of that screw as itís not needed.

Step 3: Remove the pin that keeps the tail fin section, the canopy, and the interior of the canopy together. Keep it, as it is needed.

Step 4: Start to smooth out the hinges on the canopy interior. This section needs to be rounded off so that the canopy roof can easily be raised over the top without any hassle.

Step 5: Make a small cut where the front of the canopy interior connects under the canopy roof. This area is at the left and right hand side in front of the steering wheel.

Step 6: Smooth out the sides around where the hinges are, and around that area where the plastic is straight and rectangular. Luckily, this area is shallow, so it will be easily able to sand down (or even use a Stanley knife). Slowly and carefully get rid of those sides as these parts help lock in the canopy. Other parts to remove while doing this are the corners next to the hinges. Get rid of them, as the canopy needs to be able to move freely up and down.

Step 7: Cut down the amount of plastic on the sides near the back. Just thin them down until the interior no longer locks into the sides of the canopy roof.

Step 8: Remove a small amount on the back of the canopy on the left and right hand side where all the hinges lock into place. Just a small amount needs removed so it can help move the canopy upwards.

Following these tips you will be able to have a Rodimus figure where his canopy easily moves up and down. Below I have supplied pictures on what it should all look like. I have found that this way you take less off the plastic and the overall quality does come out better that what the others tend to give in end results:

Originally Posted by roaddemon2001
Don't forget to trim around the windshield and around the engine, or you will have to half-transform the front to lift the canopy.
Attached Thumbnails
-009.jpg   -005.jpg   -004.jpg   -007.jpg   -006.jpg  

-003.jpg   -008.jpg  

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