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by KooF

Dual Power Source LEDs for LongHaul RotF Tutorial

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Dual Power Source LEDs for LongHaul RotF Tutorial

Argh! Finally, I have the free time to post this tutorial, hope this can giving you guys a brief description on how Iíve done this.

Dremel kits
Hobby knife
Hair dryer
Super glue
Epoxy glue
Male/female adapter
Thin wire
Flat black paint
1.5mm Fiber optic cable
200 ohm resistor x 3

3mm LED:
2 red for eyes
7 white for chest
4 white for headlights
2 orange for signal.

After removing the screw, take the head apart. [Then], take down the black gear part that [is] linking the head. Dremel the head area as shown. The picture shows only one side Dremel because [you can] clearly [see] the before and after. Paint the area to flat black, [leave] only 2 spots for the plastic to transmit the red lights to the eye:

File down two (2) red LEDs to fit the length of the head. Fit the LED to the back part of the head. [Place] the LED's positive point downwards. Drill a hole there to allow your resistor and a thin wire to sneak inside. Solder resistor to the LED's "positive". Connect the thin wire to "negative". Notice (after removing the black gear part) the head will go off of his body because nothing blocks it beneath. Now this problem is solved with [placing]the resistor like that:

After making sure the lights is on, always seal the part with epoxy:

Now, drill the chest with a 1.5mm drill bit. Cut the side with hobby knife, making sure the part is well fitted to your switch. For mine, I cut both sides - another side is my adapter for external power:

Fill in the fiber optic and seal it with putty. Using hair dryer to heat the fiber optic, bend them all to close enough. DO NOT overheat; it will melt, and the shape will run:

Dremel the area large enough to fit your battery pack:

Place two (2) LEDs in the hole. Beware [of] the back wheel when transforming it back to vehicle [mode]. Make sure the LED doesnít block the hole that lets the back wheel to fit into the hole. Put some putty to make the LED hold in place. Then, wire the on/off switch to the LED's "+" and battery pack's "+", and wiring the LED's "-" to [the] battery pack's "-". I put an aquarium tube to the fiber optic; it helps lock the LED in place:

After that is complete, you can now link all the LEDs to the place. Just make sure the "+" and "-" is wired correctly. If you wanna make external power as mine, thatís easy - just link the adapter to the LED [as] there's no need go over the switch.
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Now solder the HEAD to the chest's middle LED. And i solder the female adaptor to the led as well. Is is to connect the LEGs part of the longhaul later. And seal it again with epoxy.

The vehicle headlights now. Dremel ur headlamps, signal, make a place to allow led to fit in. Make a drain to bury the wire later at the black part.
File ur orange led to as flat as possible after u place it. Apply small drop of super glue. Solder 2 white led and also super glue it to the head lights. Wired the orange led and now bend it to bury into the drain u've make. Apply small drop of super glue. Make sure u din block the hole there, the hole need to attach to the knee of long haul when he transform.

Notes: small drop of super glue is easier when you have to replace led, jus use hair dryer heat it up and jus take it off with plier. If too much of glue, u hav to drill it out, coz it will stick too tight.

Orange led's "+" wired to resistor, and another side of the resistor solder to the white led's "+". And so on the orange "-" to white's "-".
Now drill a hole to the back of the longhaul. Make 2 wire attach to the male adaptor, 1 for left leg 1 for right. After done, jus wire them to the correct "+" "-" to the white led.

You are done. So now what u have to do is jus join the adaptor, screw it back, switch it on and enjoy.

Minor problem occur when u transform it back to vehicle. The wire will block the front part to join with the vehicle. Easy, jus dremel tat area. Then everythings is settle. Hope this can give u guys a little help.
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