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G1 Blaster Tape Deck Door Fix

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G1 Blaster Tape Deck Door Fix

(Original source article: :: View topic - TT's Repair Shop)

Hey all. Do this if Blaster's buttons don't work.
Difficulty: Easy
Tools: Screwdriver
Time: 10-15 min. (1.25-2 Breems)

To start, you'll have to remove Blaster's back plate. Position his limbs as shown, and remove the five screws circled in blue. There is a spring attached inside, so remove the back slowly and straight up:

Once open, you should see this. If not, it's gonna look like this when we're done:

Now, CAREFULLY pull dem guts out, and clean the crud off. This is why the buttons don't work. DO NOT LUBRICATE the parts, with anything. It is likely to just gunk them up later. You'll remove an assembly from the hips comprised of three plastic pieces and a spring:

. . . . and a black shaft up and down the side to the right, containing a longer spring:

If the spring is out, slip it back in. Make sure it is UNDER the tab marked by the red arrow. A peg on his front half will fit where the blue rectangle is.
Now, put the sprung rod back in the side of the deck. That tab ringed in blue will fit on top of the spring. Make sure the top black tab is tucked behind the door catch-shown by the blue triangle:

Now, make sure all the silver buttons are tucked under the metal strip inside. I forgot a picture of this, but you should see what i mean. Let's reassemble the hip thing. Set piece 1 in the slide of piece 3, making sure that 1 is WITHIN the tab ringed below:

Now put the spring between 1 and 3, in the groove. make sure it doesn't pop out of that tab. the spring should push on the two areas marked in red:

Now drop 2 in 3, as shown:

Now slide the whole assembly back down into his waist area, flush on all sides. there are two things to watch here. Your silver buttons have nubs that stick up... they should each fit through the holes in our black assembly, each is ringed here:

And secondly, the tab pointing right on piece two needs to tuck under that black bar. It's highlighted here:

Piece two will push UP on the black bar, opening the deck.
Does it look like that second picture? Good!
Place the back on him again, make sure it's flush and tight on all sides. If so, drop the screws in (all 5 are the same) and tighten down.
Turn him over. test the buttons. From RIGHT to LEFT... Play should click down and stay. Off should pop both itself and play back up. Eject should pop the door open. The door should be able to push back in and stay.

* * * * * * * * *

Also, YouTube member razzitron provides the same tutorial, which is additionally helpful! ~SQ7

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