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WfC Optimus Prime Easy Leg Modification

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Hi, I love WfC Optimus Prime, but I am a bit disappointed that Hasbro made him a deluxe class figure. He is the same size as [WfC] Bumblebee too. If you use this mod as well the difference will be great.

I wondered if I could get him to [a] small Voyager size by making the legs longer. I took the legs apart and to my surprise it was very easy. It also has no impact on the transformation to vehicle mode at all. I have a step by step process here that will take all the experts here less than 10 minutes to perform. All you need is a Philips screwdriver (cross head) and a sharp hobby knife.

First off, some work in progress pictures I took during the process. I worked on one leg to make sure it would work before I hacked him to death. Here are some pics to show how much height I achieved using this mod.

Here are some comparison pics of before and after with Bumblebee and Knight Morpher Commander (I don't have access to my Henkei Prime at the moment). The modified Prime is on the right. You can see that the difference is staggering:


Knight Morpher Commander:

Ok, how did I do it? First you need to remove three screws on the leg:

Then, put the legs to one side you will return to them soon. All you need to modify is a pair of tabs on the inner leg to make it extend further. The plastic is softer there, so a sharp hobby knife will make short work of the plastic:

Make sure both sides are the same length, or you will get a longer leg in the end. Also, if it is too short it will be a bit wobbly but it will hold together well:

After both tabs have been cut, reassemble the legs and you have a modified Optimus Prime. The legs do require a little extra pressure to go higher but nothing too bad. If done correctly the back of the legs will look like this:

As you can see, there is no change to the vehicle mode:

That's it; there is no more to this tutorial. Thank you for looking.

* * * * *

I took a photo of my Classics/Universe/Generations plus additional figures:

Originally Posted by Storm View Post
How does the mod look if the lights are rotated up so that they cover the new knee position?
It looks good with the knee's rotated up:

Axiom, I didn't see your post when I was making this modification. If you look in the background of that picture you can see another figure I am working on - something I am wanting to add to the WfC line. Thanks to this leg mod he stands at the same height now.

Originally Posted by axiom
Cool, I posted this leg mod a while back in the Feedback forum post #255 and no one really said much of it. I thought it really did wonders for the figure though.
Originally Posted by The_Jack
I've also used the mod; here [is] a picture for comparison:

Thanks for the great idea!
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