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Takara Choro-Q Minibot Reshell

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*Takara Choro-Q minibot reshell*

The first step is to disassemble, of course.

The feet are the key part of this project, so start by reassembling the Minibot without the arms and head.

I first cut the ends off the fenders to keep just the sliding transformation section. Don't cut too much just yet!

Here's a photo of the cut fenders compared to the original uncut ones.

Next, trim the remaining red fender/slide system so the new body will fit over the transformer section. Make sure the head mounting tabs also fit tight to the body, but leave enough room for the head to fold up.

Next is to remove the center where the screw attaches from the original body as close to the top of the body as possible to keep the shaft long.

Now, reattach the center screw mounting point to the transformer section, along with the arms.

Then trim the shaft, as necessary so it fits the new body. Also, the bottom section of the new body will need to be trimmed for the arms.

When your are satisfied with the fit, glue the center shaft in place.

After the new body is mounted, cut away the hood/fender section.

Then, cut the hood/fender section in half and glue to the trimmed red slider sections with everything assembled and transformed in car mode so the gaps stay close.

Then trim the rear section until the flip head fits in place.

It just takes patience. Take your time and make sure your fitments are precise as possible.

I should have mentioned it, but I use a jeweler's saw to cut the bodies.

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