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Animated Prowl Street Light Weapon Modification

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Animated Prowl Street Light Weapon Modification

Since I did not like street light weapon for Animated Prowl, I decided to make it a mace and a staff mace. This does no damage to the weapon and can be easily undone if you'd like.

Okay, the parts you will need for the short pole/mace are:

For this version I am using:[list][*]a G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra acid missile that came with a bunch of the figures, but any small piece of plastic will work (or even a tooth pick)[*]1 LEGO #4494486

- Step 1: Put string and handle through the LEGO piece like this (make sure the x side hole is at the top for for the next step):

-Step 2: Put the handle in the 'x' hole like this (this may vary in difficulty depending on how long your string is), and then spin it till it is tight:

Once it is tight, put in the stopper (the G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra acid missile in this case), and then spin it tight (so it doesn't spin back):

. . . .and your done [with this step]:

The items you need are:
[LIST][*]two (2) more of the LEGO's used in part 1 (#4494486)[*]a black 'x' pole that is a little longer than of them [sorry don't know its size][*](for the bottom) any round piece (not needed but does help the look) with an 'x' hole in the center will do

Put the 'x' piece through the center of the other two (2) pieces, then attach bottom; you only need a little above to lock it in so you don't damage the string:

. . . . and you're done! [You] could always stick some small wires out of the bottom [to] make it look like it was ripped out of the ground (if you so desire).

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