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Articulating G1 Soundwave's Legs

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Articulating G1 Soundwave's Legs

. . . . The mod (legs) and the scratch work (guns) were really minor, but the end result is great . . . .

Articulating G1 Soundwave's Legs-dscn1267_resize.jpg

Now that I think about, while the work is minor, explaining it isn't that simple.

Steps needed:

1. Try bending Soundwave's legs back. You will see gray parts of his lower legs (at knee level) getting in the way. These need to be cut off, so do that first (disassembly required).

2. Cut 1 mm off the ridges' tip that are on both sides of both of his thighs.

Articulating G1 Soundwave's Legs-ridges.jpg

3. Sand down corners at the top and back of Soundwave's lower legs on both the outer and inner side (after you cut of the gray plastic parts, assemble the legs, you will see what is getting in the way of what when you try bending the legs again).

Articulating G1 Soundwave's Legs-sanding.jpg

This step will take a lot of trials to get it right, as you will need to sand down those corners incrementally, a little bit at the time, so you will need to assemble his legs to see if you got it right after some sanding.

Tools needed:
- X-ACTO knife
- rough sand paper (P220, aluminum oxide)
- small grain sand paper for wet sanding (the one I got has P2000 and silicon carbide on it)

First sand down with the rough sand paper, and then finish with the smoother one, it will give it a nice, rather smooth surface.
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Articulating G1 Soundwave's Legs-dscn1267_resize.jpg   Articulating G1 Soundwave's Legs-ridges.jpg   Articulating G1 Soundwave's Legs-sanding.jpg  
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