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Get Started in Coloring with Dark Convoy!

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Get Started in Coloring with Dark Convoy!

I don't claim to be the best, but here is how I color (I did not draw this . . . it's line art from a UK animated comic):

Here is the line art:

In a program like Photoshop or GIMP (which is free) I set this layer to "multiply" this makes anything 100% black fully opaque and anything 100% white transparent - and anything in-between into varying degrees of transparency.

Now, make a new layer under this layer for the colors, and actually paint on this layer. This way your lines stay unaltered and you are actually coloring "under" them.

It will turn out like this:

If you turn off the "line" layer it would look like this:

Next [is] shading:

Make another layer, place it under the line layer but above the color layer, set it to multiply, and pick a light shade of gray:

You can turn off the colors here and try painting it in black and white; I find [that] it helps to make the shading look right.

Finally, you can add a "highlight" layer, I place this one above all the other layers but below the "line" layer. I don't multiply this layer, but I make it partially transparent and paint the white highlights on. Alone, it would look like this:

. . . . and everything all together comes out looking like this:

As far as shading, just try to imagine how the light is hitting the subjects in the scene.

Dreweido adds:

Originally Posted by Dreweido
Some advice Josh [Burcham] taught me around 6 years ago and still rings true today:

Put a toy in front of a lamp. Notice where the shadows hit. There you go.

- and -

To make a straight line from one point to another, use the brush tool, click it once, hold down shift, and click again. [That] made life about three times easier.

It doesn't have to be the toy, but I've done a couple [of illustrations] like that where I put a TF or something in front of a desk lap to see where the hard shadows and lights are.

My advice is to "study" other colorists. I look close at the different brushes they use and the various colors that are thrown in.
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