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Blackout's Tail Modification

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Blackout's Tail Modification

Hey everyone. Well, as I promised, here is the pictorial for the Blackout mod so many of you have asked me about.

Here we go. First, take the rotor/tail assembly off blackout's back. After doing this, take the part with the blades that swings down and take the two screws out from underneath and then separate the two pieces. If something like some gears falls out don't worry, you wont need those anymore. This will deactivate that stupid spinny gimmick:

Blackout's Tail Modification-000_0037.jpg

Then, take all the screws out down the side of the piece with the hinge on it. After taking all the screws out, separate the two back pieces. Sometimes, they may not come apart at the end, but don't force it - you will break it. Just separate it far enough that the gears will fall out:

Blackout's Tail Modification-000_0039.jpg

After this is taken care of, use a hacksaw. I don't have a Dremmel, but if you do, I guess that will be fine. You must use something with a thin blade, though; I will explain later why. Use something to cut off the hinge where the rotor housing used to attach flush with the back piece:

Blackout's Tail Modification-000_0041-1.jpg

Blackout's Tail Modification-000_0040.jpg

Then, take a X-Acto knife and shave off the scrap that is left on the hinge from the cut. Put the hinge back into the rotor housing and screw the screws back in:

Blackout's Tail Modification-000_0043.jpg

When the hinge [is] back in, the grooves on the bottom should line up:

Blackout's Tail Modification-000_0042-1.jpg

Now place the whole rotor assembly on Blackout's back to make sure the grooves on his back sit in the notches on the piece with the rectangular hole. Glue this piece onto the flat piece with the hole. The hole should still be exposed when you glue it on because this will still hold the tail assembly. I used Loctite super glue, but you can use what you want. Anyways, it is easiest to put the glue on the rotor assembly and then put the rotor assembly on the back flat piece. This will prevent the glue from seeping into any cracks that hold moving parts. I mean, I think everybody still wants this to transform! The reason I said use a thin blade is that the thinner the blade, the thinner the cut, which, will provide more surface for the glue to adhere to:

Blackout's Tail Modification-000_0053.jpg

Let this dry for about 2 hours. This is still fully transformable; it just gets rid of that third leg in the back. I hope this helps everybody.

Blackout's Tail Modification-000_0049.jpg
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Blackout's Tail Modification-000_0042-1.jpg   Blackout's Tail Modification-000_0053.jpg   Blackout's Tail Modification-000_0049.jpg  

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