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Jolt Leg Mod

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Jolt Leg Mod

Haven't seen this done yet, but I thought I'd give it a try. Didn't care for the 'shinshields' myself, and I kinda liked the way the back of his legs looked. I first discovered the knee joint connects to the upper leg by circular cylinder - i.e. it could rotate all on its own. At first I thought it would take quite a bit of plastic gouging to get the legs to turn, but this morning I took another look and realized the plastic I needed to remove was either out of the way, or UNDER the main details. So I set to work, and now the legs rotate.

Jolt Leg Mod-jlt01.jpg

Jolt Leg Mod-jlt02.jpg

Now, this'll be something you'll like the appearance of, or you won't. Functionally, you lose the knee joints unless you do a little more cutting than I did. And even then, it's not as much.

Jolt Leg Mod-jlt03.jpg

So here's what I did:

First, underneath the lower gearbox looking black portion, I cut a fair amount of plastic underneath to give the lower leg joint room to rotate.

Jolt Leg Mod-jlt04a.jpg

This next part is to allow room for the knee joint as well as some of that kibble to rotate. The red drawn segments show where the plastic had been before I cut it away (I should have left the second leg alone for pics, but you can see what I mean if you have the toy yourself).

Jolt Leg Mod-jlt04b.jpg

Below, you can see the clearance points I'm talking about . . .
Jolt Leg Mod-jlt05a.jpg

...and once you rotate through:
Jolt Leg Mod-jlt06.jpg

The great part is that the legs rotate right back, so you can still transform him, and technically you can always put the legs back if you don't care for it as much. It gives you the option of having a 'battle mode' where his shin shields come out for combat. Or something.

Jolt Leg Mod-jlt07.jpg

Anyway, hope you like the mod. Up to you guys if you want to try it.

Oh, and for fun, I painted Long Haul's teeth this morning, too.

Jolt Leg Mod-jltlh01.jpg

Because it's totally related. Yeh . . . .

(Additional comments during the original thread discussion help to clarify some issues and are included here. ~Superquad7)

Originally Posted by soymonk
Does this mod make him more screen-accurate? I haven't found any renders or images of him from the movie while I was Googling.
I don't think it particularly helps for screen accuracy, (and I haven't seen any clips myself to confirm) It just helps break up the legs a bit more and bring out a little more of a 'robot' look.

And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with this idea.
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Jolt Leg Mod-jlt01.jpg   Jolt Leg Mod-jlt02.jpg   Jolt Leg Mod-jlt03.jpg   Jolt Leg Mod-jlt04a.jpg   Jolt Leg Mod-jlt04b.jpg  

Jolt Leg Mod-jlt05a.jpg   Jolt Leg Mod-jlt06.jpg   Jolt Leg Mod-jlt07.jpg   Jolt Leg Mod-jltlh01.jpg  

My feedback thread

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