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The Fallen Neck Modification Tutorial

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The Fallen Neck Modification Tutorial

Hey there everybody . . . I thought I'd post this much-requested tutorial.


Remove these pieces from The Fallen. Everything simply pops right off except the red clear part that attaches his head. I had to dremel that a bit to get it off. Note the piece with clear plastic is from his back.


Using the ball-joint tool on my dremel, I simply created a round socket inside The Fallen's torso. [It takes] about 10 seconds.


Here [are] the three parts that make the neck: [the] head, [an] awesome loop ball-joint from a spare Movie Towline, and a rubber knee-wrap from a 3.75" WWE figure.

[If you're concerned about the Movie Longarm piece,] I had already harvested his head, so he was just scrap for me anyway. This mod should apply to a double-sided ball joint as well. It would snap in place just like the hoop does, or one could just install a socket piece in the chest instead of drilling the socket if you just have standard ball joints laying around. [It's the] same idea, [just with] different parts.


This cool joint simply CLICKS right into place in The Fallens head! It [doesn't] even need any work! It's tight, and it actually seems like it's "supposed" to be like this! I was so glad to have something on hand that worked so well and easily! He can look any direction possible.


Just put the knee-wrap over the ball joint; it's rubber, and it looks like a cool hose on the neck:


Just simply click the neck into the torso!

Overall, [it's] an easy mod if you have the tools. You can't tell it was even customized once [it's] together. It blends totally well, and the rubber neck cover combined with that cool joint allows him infinite neck movement!

Attached Thumbnails
-27099326d1247347762-rotf-fallen-w-ancient-staff-new-neck-movie-colors-132.jpg   -27099327d1247347762-rotf-fallen-w-ancient-staff-new-neck-movie-colors-133.jpg   -27099328d1247347762-rotf-fallen-w-ancient-staff-new-neck-movie-colors-136.jpg   -27099329d1247347762-rotf-fallen-w-ancient-staff-new-neck-movie-colors-139.jpg   -27099330d1247347762-rotf-fallen-w-ancient-staff-new-neck-movie-colors-143.jpg  

-27099331d1247347762-rotf-fallen-w-ancient-staff-new-neck-movie-colors-155.jpg   -27099332d1247347762-rotf-fallen-w-ancient-staff-new-neck-movie-colors-149.jpg   -27099333d1247347762-rotf-fallen-w-ancient-staff-new-neck-movie-colors-153.jpg  

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