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RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification

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RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification

I'm sure you all as well as me hate seeing pictures of upcoming toys and then get something sub-par (but I guess it gives us something to do). Case in point: Rampage and his hydraulic pistons. They are yellow plastic and should be shiny, or at least metallic. You could easily paint them, but since it is an area with a lot of movement, it has a higher chance of coming off. Here is a quick fix that costs less than $3 (free if you already have the materials).

I had intended on just cutting the plastic away and putting metal rods in place, but when I tried to cut the plastic away I found out there is a metal rod inside. It actually makes the mod easier.

First, you will need some aluminum tubing. I picked this tubing up at Hobby Lobby. You can print a coupon from the website for 40% off; it lasts for Friday and Saturday, then you will have to wait until the week after next to get 40% off again. You only need a very very small amount, so you'll have lots left over. Spare parts are always good. If you could find somewhere that sells just one tube, that is all you need.

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-rampage11.jpg

Here is a shot comparing the finished to unfinished piston:

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-rampage-12.jpg

Here are the steps.

1. Measure the tube length. You're going to end up destroying the plastic and won't have a reference if you taken them off, so measure this first and mark your tube.

2. Use a pair of wire cutters, scissors, etc... to chomp away at the plastic tube:

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-rampage14.jpg

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-rampage1.jpg

3. Once you have chomped it up enough, you can use an exacto knife to cut is away from the metal interior. You can leave it like this if you want, but I think its too skinny:

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-rampage2.jpg

4. You'll need to heat up the metal to pull the pin out. My soldering iron is on the fritz so I used a match, worked just as well:

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-rampage4.jpg

5. You might want to take some Mother's and polish up the aluminum before you put the tube in place:

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-rampage5.jpg

6. Slide the tube over the existing metal and push your pin back in. The tube fits loosely over the metal, so if you are careful when you push the pin back in, you can get the tube centered and held in place by friction:

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-rampage7.jpg

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-rampage8.jpg

That's all there is to it.

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-rampage9.jpg

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-rampage10.jpg

I plan on making the other piston on the grader funtional as well, but it will be a little more involved.

Hope you like it.

Addendum: I should mention that the aluminum is very soft, so you need to take care in cutting it. Tube cutters work, but you have to be extra careful not to collapse the tube.

You could probably cut the tube with an exacto knife its soft enough, not great for the blade, but I got through a bunch of those already.

Originally Posted by frenzy_rumble View Post
You mentioned adding some to back of the shovel too?
Yeah, I think it can be done. On the front there is a static hydraulic that I think I can replace with an functional one. It will allow a little pitch to be added to the blade and hopefully make it look better.

The part that is at the very bottom of this picture:

frenzy_rumble adds: I usually cut aluminum tube like this with the x-acto blade (it's toast afterwards though):

RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification-scoring.jpg

I just score it by rolling the tube under the blade, making sure the cut's straight, a few passes and it'll snap at your score mark.

Boggs6ft7: That is way I usually cut my styrene tubes and rods. [Personally, I] just figured since I had a tubing cutter, might as well use it.

[In regards to getting the damper body to release from the mount and the amount of pressure needed for the squeeze tab]

You have to be careful and support that area or you may break something else . . . .
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