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WIP:Combaticon SWINDLE Mod.

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WIP:Combaticon SWINDLE Mod.

howdy folks, just thought I would post my latest mod/tutorial

Using classics Hound I have seen quite a few awesome mods/repaints. but none really stuck with me as "Swindle" so I came up with this enjoy!

simply remove hound's head, and glue the his chest to the windshield,
then cut the hood scoop free of the winshield. it should allow the rest to fold down making room for the new head(i used E.Storm Jet)

then flip the arms at the point shown in the pic(marked in purple), because if not they face the wrong way, and luckily this takes no modding in alt mode to fit.

then either using a rod, or something that will allow the waist to spin, cut out the piece that connects hounds legs to his waist(I completely removed , and added a bionicle joint(it suffers mildly from alt mode kibble, but i think it's worth it)

with a bit of planning, and patience, you can make hound anew! I prefer the windshield chest, it gives his toon look a bit better. also I added a Neoshifter connector point for the future, if i decide to go full on Bruticus. I will most likely add one to the back, but it's not needed if this is meant to be a stand-alone figure for you.

Originally Posted by Sabsabby85 View Post
Wow~! I love the added wheels. Gives him a more defined presence! Is the soldering iron the safest way for a noob to do it? I've read the tutorial in the radicons section but am still afraid to try it. Dun wanna melt the plastic away though

the safest way i have found is to use a clamp to fasten the soldering iron to a table, then with your hands pull the wheel away from the body. this way you dont have to worry about the soldering iron falling or accidentally burning your house down. then you can dedicate all of your energies toward skillfully removing the wheel. don't force it though. let the pin heat up before you start pulling the tire, or it will rip through the tire instead of pulling the pin and wheel off of the base. if that happens just use needle nose pliers to remove the pin. when I attach the new wheel use the same pins and put a bit of glue int the pinhole. just in case anything was altered when you removed it at first.
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