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Transformers Legend - Mobile Card Game by Mobage

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Old 06-11-2013, 01:01 PM   #47301
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I can't believe this is happening again...

... so I complained how just shortly after the start of Cold Delivery and purchase of some more Mobacoins my game went bonkers and would not start "SD card full/inaccessible". Took three reinstalls and deletions of Mobage files from the phone.

Just minutes ago I was playing the game, suddenly it restarted and after the screen with "getting new content" it went bonkers again, saying the same error. The timing is perfect - the event is coming to an end and I need to maintain my position within 1500 to get Swoop. What fantastic timing!
One second you play the game, and then it's dead. Aaaaargh.
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Old 06-11-2013, 01:03 PM   #47302
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If anyone is getting high level bosses feel free to add me i need to make up some points
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Old 06-11-2013, 01:04 PM   #47303
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Must have missed this post from butch overnight or something, but I mostly agree with this post also.

My problem with Mobage isn't the bridge specifically. I think my deck power with no event cards was like 11200 or something, and I spent most of the event at like 12500 with the event cards I managed to get (half ramjet, half ratbat, plus the points ratbat).

I know there are guys that have been playing since release that could get to 12500 without any event cards (my autobot deck power will be there after this event I'm pretty sure). And with that deck power, I'm feeling pretty comfortable in the 2nd tier of rewards, because of the power of my allies list (thanks guys!) and sniping during the day since I work from home.

So I could probably go through the rest of the events until I quit the game in however long placing 2nd tier without a lot of effort.

So, from that perspective, it was definitely the fact that it was not 100% clearly labeled (after being essentially the same for the past 2 events, just slightly different costs and # of free cubes) that is the problem.

In an ideal world though, I don't think this new bridge is very good either. It might just be that it costs too much, or it might be that event bonuses need to be removed entirely.

Some examples, just random musings:

We were all speculating about the Ironhide T5 card with the 20 tiers of bridges that was in the temporary page. If they went with a system like that, but every tier for 20 tiers was $3, then at least $60 in I know I'm getting that T5 card. With the current system, you could spend $500 and not even get half. Random has an implication of fairness, but human psychology is also such that when I see how lucky Oblagon got, I'm more inclined to feel that I was cheated than that he was lucky. Just the way it is, and it will scare a lot of people away.

Consider also the 10x bonus from Shockwave. Without it, he is still a pretty beastly card, and with his weapon for points you know you'll be able to get his weapon, which increases his value even further over random T4 bridge pulls. It would also balances the playfield even more between people that play for a long time and gather event cards slowly and people that buy in. But because he is a 10x, I didn't even bother going for top 100 this time. I feel pretty confident that if I scroll through the entire top 100 and look at their leader card, they all have at least half of a Shockwave. Which means that with the current system, if you don't buy in, the best you can hope to achieve is 2nd tier.

Combine those two things, and you have the possibility of spending $500 and still not being able to get into the top 100 (ignoring for a moment that you could have gotten 2500 battle cubes for that money instead, which probably could get you into the top 100 even with a deck power like mine). I think that is too much stick and not enough carrot. There needs to be some middle ground.

I could offer up some suggestions but posting them here is probably likely to get agreement but not affect anything, so why bother
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Old 06-11-2013, 01:07 PM   #47304
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anyone have the step-by-step on how to ask google play for your money back for this event? I saw about 20 pages ago that someone had done this, but I can't find the posting. I keep managing to go back into the moabage site.

I did get the free ratbat, so maybe I shouldn't complain, but if I can get some credit back as well, I'm more likely to "re-up" on it.
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Old 06-11-2013, 01:11 PM   #47305
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Originally Posted by PCPianist View Post
I don't mind them either honestly. My biggest problem is the massive card inflation occuring. T5's are a lot better than t4's which is fine I suppose however, why STILL give them a 10X? A 5X would have been fine (Which I still think is a bit without the 2X for other cards).
This. I think it should have been Shockwave 5x, Ramjet 4x, Ratbat 3x. If other T4 Decepticons got 2x that would be stellar as well. The top 100 is the Shockwave club - if you don't have at least half you probably aren't getting in there. My half Ramjet hits for like 515k, so half a shockwave hits for what, 1.7 million? My whole team hits for like 2 million a round.

If he was x5 doing 850k per hit, he would still be a beast, but if Megatron and Starscream from last event got a 2x, they'd hit for about 900k combined. So you'd be ahead still with your event card, but no so friggin far ahead that it is laughable...
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Old 06-11-2013, 01:23 PM   #47306
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Just wasted way too many BC's trying to take down a stupid L3 Grim. Stupid game.

Oh well. Sitting at ~1070 currently.
Computron34 on Twitter, TF Legends, and basically everything else.
Originally Posted by Hook View Post
Our fandom has become a huge cesspool of whiny bitches.
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Old 06-11-2013, 01:25 PM   #47307
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i havnt gotten a single swoop,grimlock or level any 6 in over 2 hours zzzzzzz
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Old 06-11-2013, 01:45 PM   #47308
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Originally Posted by Computron34 View Post
Just wasted way too many BC's trying to take down a stupid L3 Grim. Stupid game.

Oh well. Sitting at ~1070 currently.
Just sent you a friend request via mobage
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Old 06-11-2013, 01:45 PM   #47309
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I know it sucks for those in ranks lower than they'd like to be ... but I like this slowness. =) Unless I have a deck full of bonus cards and can deal crazy dmg so I can take down anything, I'd rather have it slow once I'm high enough rank. It makes the game more casual rather than having to babysit the queue all day. Heck, i had a busy weekend and went on my daughter's field trip to the zoo yesterday, so I only popped on every few hours.

I'll admit, I'm only at rank 490 (highest was 280 on Fri night) because I infiniplayed all day the first day and babysat the queue sniping all day the second day. But I've held that spot by using the free cubes and jumping on as many 5s & 6s that I saw going down. It lets me go play the GI Joe event a little too. =)

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Old 06-11-2013, 01:53 PM   #47310
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so sidebar, how is GI Joe? I was away from boards while it launched everywhere but the US and see some people with their IDs listed. Is there a GI Joe thread going for it?

Anyone know how to get the APK for android for US players and would that hinder my playing it when its actually launched in the US?
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