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Which non-Classics toys do you use in your Classics collection?

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Old 01-30-2013, 03:09 PM   #21
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There's obvious ones, like ML Soundwave and FOC Grimlock, but I also have a small handful of non-classics toys that get incorporated into my head-canon's little "classics" crew, but NOT repurposed into G1 characters, like Energon Treadshot, Cybertron Thunderblast, and the PCC Dinobots
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Originally Posted by Bountyan View Post
ML Soundwave and DL Blaster are the only official examples I can think of. I'm not a fan of repurposing or putting non-G1 characters in a collection full of G1 characters.
I approve, except that the only guys who sit in my collection that aren't "Classics" per se are the Breacher mold, the Seaspray mold since it's hotly contested, and Tomahawk mold. I say mold because I get every deco of every figure I like.

That said, WFC Soundwave is sitting in there til I figure out a better use for him. Maybe headswap and he gets to be one of the nameless truck guys permeating WFC.
Not sure what to put here...
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Mine are:
Prime Deluxe Arcee as Arcee (if I can get my hands on Animated are another pink 'classics' looking one - she'll become Chromia)

DOTM Skyhammer as, well, Skyhammer

HFTD Banzaitron as Bludgeon because I like the name but Banzi's coloring is better

PRiD Voyager Dreadwing as himself (like his character better)

PRiD Voyager Starscream as Starscream

FP DIA Commander as Ultra Magnus (if I ever get a real Ultra Magnus + City Commander that one will become a new different character as Wrecker commando)

FP Assaulter as - I'll give ya 3 guess but I think you'll get on the first try

I did want to think of Treadbolt as JetFire, but his character has grown on me so I like him as Treadbolt(the sneaky S.O.B.)

PRiD Knock-out and Vehicon as themselves

Car Robots Black Convoy as an all new character I call Destron

GalaxyForce/Cybertron voyager Dirge as Dirge (I wanted the Starscream version as Starscream but that one cost so much and really only wanted the mold so I settled)

Planning on getting PRiD Hotshot (love that paint job) but I can't decide if want him to Bluestreak or Sideburn
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Let me think, what do I use?
ROTF Bludgeon with Headrobots and Maiden Japan add-ons
ROTF Dead End as piss poor temporary stand in Dead End
ML Soundwave
DL Blaster
RealGear Nightbeat(?) as Squawktalk
TFTM Breakaway as Getaway
HFTD Tomahawk with Stockade head as Tracer
TFP Arcee as Chromia(would LOVE a new head)
Alternity Silver Convoy as Camshaft
Alternity Bumble as Hubcap
HFTD Seaspray
TFTM Cliffjumper with Classics Cliffjumper head (works for me)
DOTM Guzzle
DOTM Skyhammer (one of the best TFs in recent years)
TFTM Grindcore/Energon Demolisher as Dirtbag and Roadblock
MP Grimlock
DOTM Space Case as Dogfight
HFTD Terradive as Snare
ROTF Axor as Axer
TFTM Crankcase

Not counting 3rd party stuff, as it's obvious what they are supposed to be.
Originally Posted by Wolfdawg View Post
It took me like a solid minute of pulling to get that thing off. Sadly, I stressed the tip of the barrel of his gun trying to get it off, so there's a slight stress mark there.

Last edited by Dansproject; 01-30-2013 at 04:46 PM.. Reason: Apologies to ripping off BScorpinok75 for reminding me!
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ROTF Bludgeon as Bludgeon
ROTF Lockdown as Lockdown
ROTF Mindwipe as Mindwipe
HFTD Terradive as Terradive
DOTM Space Case as Space Case
HFTD Seaspray as Seaspray
Energon Sharkticon as Gnaw
NYCC FE Arcee as Arcee
TFTM Breakaway as Getaway
TFTM Fracture as Fracture
TFTM Crankcase as Crankcase
RTS Lugnut as Lugnut

Originally Posted by Arcee
“Things used to go smoother when I just shot everybody.”
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My feedback:
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Prime Voyager Magnus: Ultra Magnus (now have both missile launchers )
Prime FE Bulkhead as Bulkhead
ROTF Bludgeon as G1 Bludgeon
ROTF Mindwipe as G1 Mindwipe
Classics Deluxe Megatron as G1 Megastorm
ML Soundwave for G1 Soundwave
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The only non-Classics in my Classics shelf is:

Originally Posted by ubertenorman View Post
ROTF Bludgeon as Bludgeon

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Everything that I deem has a similar aesthetic to G1/Classics, aside from A/E/C (which has their own shelves). PCCs, WFCs/FOCs, CHUGs of course, original Universe (the slew of repaints that happened RiD-Energon), and a few select movie figures(like Bludgeon and Sea Spray)

That covers about 1/3 of my entire collection.
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ML Prime (BTS upgrades)

ML Soundwave

G1 Rumble ( Crazy Devy upgrade)

G1 Laserbeak (cartoon accurate Reprolabels)

WFC Megatron (G1 custom repaint)
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