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Which non-Classics toys do you use in your Classics collection?

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Old 01-30-2013, 06:12 AM   #11
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Whirl - DOTM Vortex + Headrobots Drone upgrade (soon)
Huffer - PCC Huffer
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a ton
Movie 1 Crankcase as himself
movie 1 breakaway as getaway
3rd party figures i'm not going to list, same with customs
ml soundwave
dl blaster
dotm powerglide

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I use Armada Unicron and the RID, Energon and Cybertron TFs.
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Prime Voyager Ultra Magnus
Prime RID Deluxe Arcee
Masterpiece Grimlock
HFTD Breacher
DOTM Guzzle
DOTM Powerglide, until iGears' version releases
YotS Platinum Omega Supreme

Music Label Soundwave
MakeToys Giant as Constructicons/Devastator
ROTF Mindwipe
ROTF Bludgeon
ROTF Oil Pan
DOTM Space Case
Prime RID Deluxe Dead End, whom I renamed as Slow Ride

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ML Soundblaster. Also, I've been wanting to score myself an Energon Galvatron to replace the 2.0 version I sold.
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superlink laserwave
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Old 01-30-2013, 01:46 PM   #17
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I actually have a lot of the same picks as OP. I don't rename figures, that always struck me as silly, but I'll lump lines together as long as the characters retain their original name. So I don't repurpose characters into other characters, but I will happily repurpose characters from one line into another.

Not counting 3rd-party stuff and Botcon stuff (which straddles the Classics line already), the non-Classics toys that I have lumped in with Classics are:

-2007 Walmart Fracture, Crankcase, Big Daddy
-DOTM Space Case (in G2 Classics section)
-Takare Mindwipe-repaint Dreadwing and Smokescreen (G2 Classics section)
-HFTD Terradive (G2 Classics section)
-PCC Leadfoot (G2 Classics section)
-Rid Bulkhead (makes a good Classics Bulkhead)
-Music Label Soundwave
-Device Label Ravage, Tigatron, Cheetor
-Device Label Blaster
-HFTD Tomahawk (though I keep his Vortex repaint with my Movie figures)
-2007 TRU repaints like Countdown and Darkwing
-HFTD Seaspray, Bludgeon, and Breacher
-GDO Springer, Swerve, Megatron, Hot Spot, Powerdive
-Highbrow, Backtrack, and Deadlift (Classics neo-Gobots section... but I'm careful to not think of them by their Gobot names, so as not to break my totally arbitrary "no renaming" rule... same goes for Fracture)
-Galaxy Force Dark Fangwolf... just because I like the figure, but all my AEC toys are packed away and not displayed. I wanted to keep him out, so he goes with Classics.
-Galaxy Force Minerva-type Thunderblast (okay, I guess technically I did rename this one, because I think of her as Minerva... but that was clearly the designers' intent, so I feel somewhat more justified in doing so)

-YOTS Omega Supreme
-Takara FOC Grimlock (will be using the U.S. version in my FOC collection, and the Takara version in my Classics collection. Skipping most of the other Takara FOC figs, so he's not leaving a "gap" anywhere)

I'm sure there are a couple I'm forgetting. For a while I kept Energon Scorponok with Classics, but finally removed him. He was living a lie! I do reaaaaally want a G1 repaint of the mold someday, though.

EDIT: Just remembered, I also have a Mugen Calibur figure standing in as Roadbuster. Urg, that one breaks my renaming rule as well, I guess... along with not even really being a Transformer! Oh well.
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HFTD Seaspray
RotF Bludgeon

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Foc shockwave
Foc soundwave
Rotf bludgeon
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Masterpiece Grimlock
Armada Unicron

Soon I will be adding the mastrpiece cassettes.
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