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How much are you spending this year?

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Old 01-01-2013, 09:28 AM   #11
the original thirteen
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Originally Posted by UltimusPrime View Post
Somewhere between 10k-25k If I pace myself.
Easily. Considering the amount of third party stuff being released...I can see myself spending this. But on the flip side, other than FOC and MPs I don't think I'll be spending much on has/tak bots.
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The guy with 28 Sweeps
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Updating this post as I pay for things:


AMW 13 - $24.99 - BBTS
AMW 14 - $24.99 - BBTS
Shooter Masters Firebox and Pinnacle - $23.00 - CP
Beast Hunters Soundwave - $15.99 - TRU
iGear Spray - $24 - edbomber
iGear G2 Spray - CANCELED - iGear Shop
Generations Sideswipe - $14.99 - HTS
Generations Kickback - $14.99 - HTS
Generations Air Raid - $14.99 - HTS
TG 03 - Blast Off - $29.99 - BBTS
TG 04 - Vortex - $29.99 - BBTS
TG 05 - Brawl - $29.99 - BBTS
TG 06 - Swindle - $29.99 - BBTS
TG 07 - Onslaught - $29.99 - BBTS



RW-012 + RW-013G – Hawk Saber and Giga Blaster - $29.99 - Renderform
Ultimate Gift Set - $19.99 - TRU
Generations Blaster - $24.99 - TRU
Generations Grimlock - $24.99 - TRU
AM-32 Stunticon Wildrider - $29.99 - BBTS
Beast Hunters Voyager Optimus Prime - $16.99 - HTS
Beast Hunters Voyager Predaking - $16.99 - HTS
Generations Eject & Ramhorn - $8.49 - HTS
Generations Rewind & Sunder - $11.99 - BBTS
AM-30 Rumble - $29.99 - BBTS
AM-31 Frenzy - $29.99 - BBTS
Beast Hunters Deluxe Ripclaw - $18.99 - BBTS
AM-34 Jet Vehicon General - $29.99 - BBTS
TF-01 Xovergen Trailerforce - $135.00 - Uncle Billy



Beast Hunters Voyager Shockwave - $29.99 - BBTS
YOTS Platinum Omega Supreme - $99.99 -
Beast Hunters Deluxe Smokescreen - $15.99 - Target
Beast Hunters Deluxe Bulkhead - $7.00 - Target
Beast Hunters Deluxe Starscream - $7.00 - Target
Beast Hunters Deluxe Wheeljack - $7.00 - Target
Beast Hunters Cyberverse Trailcutter - $7.64 - HTS
Beast Hunters Cyberverse Hardshell - $7.64 - HTS
Beast Hunters Cyberverse Prowl - $5.09 - HTS
Beast Hunters Cyberverse Hun-Gurrr - $5.09 - HTS

MARCH TOTAL: $192.43

YTD TOTAL: $928.69
ATTENTION ANYONE WHO HAS COMBINER WARS ULTRA MAGNUS! If you're one of the many people who doesn't want MINIMUS AMBUS, shoot me a PM with your price shipped to 44484! I'll be glad to take him off of your hands. Thanks in advance!

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Official Pronoun 'HIFAS'
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News Credits: 2

30.00 08/01/13 GEN Ramjet, Revoltech Hot Rod. (From a TFW member.)
16.99 09/01/13 TFP Ultra Magnus. (First retail TF purchase of the year.)
44.00 17/01/13 GEN Legend Bluestreak, GEN Legend Hoist, FOC Frenzy/Ratbat, FOC Ravage/Rumble. (From a TFW member.)
159.99 31/01/13 MP13 Soundwave. (Should be arriving today... ouch this guy is pricey.)

250.98 January Total

99.99 07/02/13 MP10 Hasbro MP Optimus Prime. After the saga it took for him to arrive in the UK he better be AWESOME.
11.00 13/02/13 Armada Optimus Prime PVC (From a TFW member)
4.00 18/02/13 Botshots Skywarp.
11.99 24/2/13 Rescue Bots Optimus Prime (Really cool little guy actually)
13.00 25/2/13 WST Hot Rod
44.99 26/2/13 MP15 Rumble/Shaguar.
27.99 26/2/13 TakTom Ultra Magnus. Shiny.

212.96 February Total

9.00 5/3/13 Botshot Brawler Optimus Prime
20.99 14/3/13 TFP Skyquake.
85.00 25/3/13 Mates rate for TFCC Runamuck/Overrun (from a TFW member)
44.99 26/3/13 MP16 Frenzy and Buzzsaw. Buzzsaws colours are more attractive then Laserbeaks. Must be the gold.
2.00 26/3/13 Botshot Super Bot Shockwave. Purple.

161.98 March Total

299.99 4/4/13 Encore Fullstrength Motleypuss, biiiiig sukka.
30.00 26/4/13 Beast Machines DVD, Seaseons 1+2 (From a TFW member)
11.00 27/4/13 Bunch of Legends, 07 Legends Barricade, Bonecrusher, RTS Optimus Prime, Universe Jazz (From a TFW member)

340.99 April Total

31.00 10/5/13 Classics Grimlock and Animated Cybertron mode Ratchet (From a TFW member)
Eeeeh. Got a Generations FOC Springer at some point, no record of it. Have to add it.
2.00 24/5/13 Minicon Blindpack lying around in a Supermarket. Turned out to be Grimstone.
12 Forgot the date More Legends, Recon Barricade, DOTM Dualor, Triceradon, Cybertron Optimus Prime from a TFW member.

45.00 May Total, plus whatever Gen Springer cost.

14.97 2/6/13 Cyberverse BH Airachnid, Smokescreen and Twinstrike... the new Cyberverse onslaught begins...
4.99 4/6/13 Cyberverse BH Bumblebee, missed him that first time around.
450.00 14/6/13 Virtually the entire UK run of G1 comics from a fellow TFW member. Perhaps over the odds but I'm helping him out too.
12.99 21/6/13 TF Generations Cyberverse Bumblebee and Blazemaster, like this new scale.
19.88 29/6/13 Cyberverse BH Hun-Grr, Windrazor, Prowl and Soundwave. Gotta catch them all.

502.83 June Total

68.49 26/5/13 (pre-ordered) Alternity GTR Optimus Prime. With hot chick.
78.49 2/7/13 MP-12 Lambor. 1980's timewarp!
??.?? 12/7/13 Perfect Effect AFX, Dr Wu Matrix, Legends Motorbreath. Whoops, will have to find out the cost for these.
25.00 21/7/13 TFP: BH Cyberverse Abominus Boxset.
25.98 23/7/13 Gen Trailcutter, Gen Paedo Prime. Hee hee hee, Paedo Prime. I am such a juvenile.
19.99 26/7/13 TFP Remote Control Botshot Optimus Prime. Did a review of this fun guy.
28.98 21/7/19 Generations Legends Megatron and Chopsaw, Starscream and Waspinator. You show those bugs who's boss!

246.93 July Total. (Not including that AFX Kapow haul)

54.99 1/8/13 Pre-order MP Prowl. Just gonna include preorders now, seeing how I pay upfront for them anyway.
5.88 2/8/13 Kreo Microchangers, Perceptor, Arcee, Scourge, Powerglide.
8.00 2/8/13 Kreo Decepticon Ambush.
7.99 6/8/13 DOTM Sideswipe. On a whim for repainting.
4.00 8/8/13 Kreo Microchangers, Acid Storm and Lugnut.
9.99 15/8/13 Construct-a-bot Ironhide. Quite like this guy, basic sets are decent value for money. Will buy more.
14.99 17/8/13 Construct-a-bot Wheeljack. Didn't like this guy, deluxe sets are poor value. Won't buy any more.
114.99 29/8/13 MP-02 Soundwave. MP-02? WTF? Sort your numbering shit out Hasbro, seriously. Gah.

220.83 August Total.

144.99 6/9/13 ACG Generations Metroplex. He cost 224.99 but I minused off a chunk with Birthday money.
50.00 3/9/13 Titanium War Within Optimus Prime, Animated Activators Cliffjumper, Legends Menasor, Fireflight, Air Raid, Blades, Ramjet, Skydive, Thrust, Hot Zone, Hun-Gurrr, Razorclaw, Scattorshot, Silverbolt, DOTM Cyberverse Shockwave & Fusion tank (From a TFW member)
6.00 10/9/13 TFP: BH Legion 2 Pack Smokescreen & Cindersaur
54.99 15/9/13 Pre-order MP Bluestreak.
7.50 17/9/13 TF PR CC Optimus Prime/Predaking 2 pack
11.00 18/9/13 TF BH Ultra Magnus
20.96 29/9/13 TFP: BH Arcee, TFP: BH Cyberverse Legion Rippersnapper, Blight, Air Vehicon

295.44 September Total.

6.75 8/10/13 TFP: BH CC Hardshell
8.99 17/10/13 TF BH CC Beast Shield Optimus Prime
8.99 24/10/13 TF BH CC Hardshell (Dunno what's going on here, it wasn't Hardshell I bought.
3.32 24/10/13 TF BH CL Air Vehicon (This was a duplicate)

28.05 October Total. Quite light.

13.99 7/11/13 TF Gen Eject & Ramhorn
8.99 10/11/13 TF BH CC Shockwave
19.20 1/11/13 Transformers Ultimate Pop Up Universe
6.99 26/11/13 TF RB Optimus Prime
18.99 29/11/13 TF Gen Skids

68.16 November Total.

46.00 19/12/13 TF Generations Minicon Assault Team, Doubledealer

46.00 December Total. I do believe that was it. Which means my grand total TF spending for 2013 is...



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Far less than I had in 2012.
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Thus far it's Eagle and Fort Max for me (on the fence about was-G2-now-"anime"-Devastator) and Eagle and MP Soundwave for the store. Reissue Astrotrain and MP Red Alert just barely made 2012.
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The Collector
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Pretty proud of myself.I haven't purchased anything yet this year.Although the day isn't over.
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Smart Primitive
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So, so much. My intended buys this year so far are:

-MP Soundwave and both MP cassette duos.
-MP Red Alert.
-MP Grimlock before it ends up at $500+ or something silly.
-The rest of the Prime Beast Hunters line.
-The rest of the FoC line. Bruticus wave and Soundwave wave have hit, but not Starscreams.
-MakeToys Green Giant if it ever gets replenished.
-RoTF Asian Bruticus with the recolors of the Crossfire set.

Theres more but I think I'll let my wallet stop hyperventilating first!
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"No Mas" My Wallet
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I don't really keep track as some of my family would freak if they saw how much i spend.

That said i will spend more than average this years due to Fort max being re-issued.
That said i do hope to snag the recent MP releases before the prices get insane.

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Room for disimprovement.
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Originally Posted by Jindrak View Post
-MakeToys Green Giant if it ever gets replenished.
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G1 Collector
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more than most, less than some? lol

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