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Do your children have lots of toys?

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Old 12-09-2012, 05:31 PM   #1

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Do your children have lots of toys?

Christmas is coming and my sons are getting some toys again this year (me, too! )

While browsing toy aisles at my local Kmart, I overheard a conversation between a little boy and his mother. The boy was asking for a SW Clone Wars figure and the mother was replying something in the lines of "You have lots of those toys already....they are all the same!"
Now my younger son is a huge SW fan and he buys those 3"75 figures when he has enough money. I can never tell him those toys are "all the same"...I know damn well Commander Wolffe isn't the same as Captain Rex. I even buy some for him on some occasions.

My kids used to be into Bakugans and Beyblades. They spent quite a lot of money on those, and yeah all Beyblades looked the same to me, but I still couldn't tell them to stop buying those.
Now those toys are stored in a box collecting dust...but who am I to judge them when I have boxes and boxes full of plastic action figures
When they have their friends over, the friends are always very surprised how many toys there are in the house.

I honestly don't know if it's okay or not because growing up, my own brother and I always had lots of toys. My brother(married with 2 kids)'s house looks quite like mine. His place is full of his Gundams and kids' toys.

So the question to the parents on the boards - do you think you buy more toys for your kids because you like toys yourselves? Or are you more like, "they can buy their own when they grow up"?

and the young ones who live with their parents - do your parents collect anything? Are they more understanding or even encouraging because of their own hobbies?

edit: Just to clarify, I'm not talking about the money itself spent on the toys. By no means I am rich and shower the kids with toys after toys. One of my son's best mate's family is very well-off, but the boy hardly has any toys. he instead has tonnes of electric and PC gadgets. His dad works for Symantec. Go figure.

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my 5 year old son has sooo many toys. ive been buying and putting things away for him since power of the force 1995. ive taken to selling off some things i havent given him yet because its pretty rediculous.

im sure ive been buying for him because i liked toys myself.

if he doesnt continue buying toys into adulthood thats fine with me. if he doesnt ill try to save them for him so he can reopen them when he reaches about 30 years old like i did and appreciate them again with his kids.

my 5 month old son will get to play with the same toys when he is older. i dont think he can complain about hand me downs because they are in great condition and soo many. ill rewrap stuff that has been put away and buy some new stuff for him as well. but the majority of toys are there already.

maybe they will like it enough to want to split my collection between them when they are older. they can pick which to keep from their own collections as well...

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^That's very nice and thoughtful of you I never thought of re-wrapping toys for the second child...maybe that's why my younger one went for SW instead of TF.....
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Well, lets see...

My oldest daughter collected Bratz dolls, and had shit tons of them, until we moved last year, they were all in one box, I put them on CL and said by to them, to the first person to pick them up before the trash truck got them.. she's the one that wanted to get rid of them.

My next daughter just started to collect Monster High dolls and only has a few but, she has tons of crap toys, like cheap mcdonalds type of things.. and clothes, she loves clothes..

My son, the youngest, likes TMNT and Dagedar. He has like 6-8 of those and 2 of the play sets. TMNT he has a couple of the figures and a friend gave him a couple of the 90's figures all of them are Leo's, my sons favorite figure. He also has a bunch of crap toys too.. He has a few Transformers but, he insists that they stay with my figures so his DOTM TC, BB, Laserbeak are with my collection, good thing since I don't have them and need them.

Normally, I will go through their toys every so often and throw away the stuff I know they have not used in a long time. If I don't they end up collecting too much crap.

They all have shit tons of stuffed animals.
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I wouldn't have lots of toys if I'd had kids.
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I wouldn't have lots of toys if I didn't have a kid.

My son is only two and a half but he already enjoys the transformers or robots as he calls them and TMNT. I found my old beast wars and gave him the ones that were still in one piece. I had alot of classic turtles figures that are now in his toy box. To bad this started my OCD of trying to collect transformers again. lol.
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Old 12-09-2012, 06:31 PM   #7
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With me not really toys I asked for, I ask for some transformers here and there, a Breakdown and Dreadwing hopefully at Christmas but it's usually toys or something about ps3 games.
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Old 12-09-2012, 06:55 PM   #8
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I don't have any kids, and we don't plan on having any either. But if I did, they would definitely have plenty of toys. IMHO, toys and playtime have a major roll in forging important aspects of ones personality in later years. At least it did for me. Being a 3D character animator, toys and action figures played a major role in developing my imagination and gave me a good base for the skills I utilize today. I'm sure the same would apply to most individuals, weather they are conscious of it or not.

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My mom sort-of collects porcelain roosters, she definitely collects dogs lol. Sometimes she dissapproves of my collecting, I got her into collecting grimlocks, though it's small so far(animated grimlock, g1grimlock, and wst grimlock) But by the standards of people here, my collection's small( about 85, probably more)
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My sort of secret reason for getting duplicates of certain high-end figures to keep MISB is just in case I ever decide to have kids. Should I ever have a son, damn sure he'll know the toy franchise that I followed for the majority of my life.
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