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Do your children have lots of toys?

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Old 12-10-2012, 08:52 AM   #21
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Anyone with kids younger than a couple of years don't have to worry about it. At that point all they want is a box.

I personally don't have kids, but if I did I definitely would buy them toys and not discourage buying their own either. Probably not a whole ton of them, but maybe a Star Wars figure or Transformer once in a while. Don't want to buy them too much or they start expecting it all the time. I couldn't really fault them for having lots of toys either since I'm pushing 30 and still wasting money on this stuff. Besides, kids are supposed to have closets full of toys.

I did get my 13 year old cousin into Transformers. I gave her a PRID Bee and some more popped up on her Christmas list. After the 25th she will have at least Bee, Arcee, Ratchet and Bulkhead.
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Originally Posted by tikgnat View Post
There was a definite distinction between 'mine' and 'yours', I have a G1 Starscream in my loft that is still 'his', even though he's probably forgotten all about it. So because we were so careful with the toys, I still have a lot of them from the 80's
A few of my current TF collection were actually my brother's figures when we were growing up. Not that he'd get them back now if he remembered that fact.

I was really careful with my toys too and still have all my childhood TF. I'm hoping the kid will treat her toys just as well and still have all of them when she's older.
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Old 12-10-2012, 12:21 PM   #23
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I always appreciated toys as a kid, had allot over the years despite not living near a toy meccas, told myself i'd always play with toys at 12(even tho i really didn't)...

So yeah i appreciate toys, my kids or my babies i should say are really young now, and i like looking at toys for them and what they like and so on. We already have mountains of stuff so it's important to keep on top of. I'm monitoring, what they grow out of vs what is sentimental, what they play with most and what they still need or have use for because we'll need to chuck/give-away loads of stuff as you accumulate tons so it's good to know what to keep and even what to get more of if they enjoy it.

Biggest hurdle is stuff they will get "crushes" on, heaven knows i'm still fallible.
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Old 12-10-2012, 12:29 PM   #24
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Don't have kids (yet ) but when I do some day I will never say to them they cant have a toy because he/she has a ton of the same type of figures. The only time I would say no is when we couldn't afford it.

Most kids know only want video games and the more expensive technology which the parents couldn't afford most of the time.
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Old 12-10-2012, 01:58 PM   #25
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I definitely get a lot of stuff for my little ones. My eldest is big into Transformers, a lot of that is probably because of me. We watch the G1 cartoon together, and i trust him to play with most of my TF stuff. He also likes Star Wars, some GI Joe, and the Pixar stuff. I joke with him that he probably has more access to toys than most other kids his age.

These days when I buy stuff, the high end stuff is for me, but inevitably he will notice it and ask about it, and I will usually let him play with it as well. He's fiddled a bunch with my MP-10, MP Rodimus, some of the Encores, Omega Supreme, Sky Lynx, etc. He loves the "big and powerful" transformers. There are times when I will buy stuff and put it away to give him later as well.

I was fortunate enough to have a lot of toys while growing up and it made me really happy, so I guess I'm trying to create that for my kids as well.
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Old 12-10-2012, 01:58 PM   #26
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If kids like something it doesn't matter how bad it is, if they enjoy it and play with it fine.

Thinking back when i was kid, so much cool stuff in the 80's, i did love transformers but the toys weren't the easiest to play with. I always found them frustrating because i didn't have enough of them or the ones i wanted and you had to be a bit careful with them...

Top two things i had fun with were the plastic soldiers and Lego, also GI Joes but Transformers were always the coolest. Mask toys were amazing though i didn't have any myself. There are some other really good lines i can't remember the name of. Thundercats was good and so was Heman. Star Wars is up there too. Luckily i inherited a bunch, an AT AT being the biggest thing. Parents made me pass them all on.
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Old 12-10-2012, 02:13 PM   #27
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I'm somewhere in the middle. Just got out of college, so I'm still at home, but I do collect using the money of things I sell via ebay and the likes. My parents don't collect anything but as I started adjusting my TFs in certain places, they stopped being annoyed and started to accept it--primarily my HA Jazz that I got recently. My father saw the vehicle mode and thought it was pretty cool as a model and since he's into cars--

So it's up in the air, but they are more accepting than they were before.. lol. Dunno if this answers/fits into the thread at all, kinda lost my train of thought.
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Being a toy collectors we know that the toys are not all the same. Even repaints have their differences. I pretty much let my son get what he wants within reason. But those toys sure add up.

We just moved to a new house and I made a room in the basement his play room. Here is some picks of some of his toys. There is more in his bedroom. Excuse the room, I'm in the process of repainting the walls and carpeting the floor.

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Old 12-11-2012, 06:11 AM   #29

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^Wonderful pics. It's like a little boy's dream come true! We recently put that Big Millennium Falcon away in a closet due to the lack of space. My son still plays with AT-TE though, the sound effect is loud!

Originally Posted by bobbyjack View Post
I never collected toys until I had kids. Now my house is full of them. My oldest daughter was into Zhu Zhu pets, so I have about 50 of them boxed up now in storage. My son was into Thomas the Tank Engine; we have a Train table still set up in his room. We quickily moved on from Thomas and got into Disney Pixar Cars. That quickily turned into my collection too, and we are still big into collecting those. Last summer when Dark of the Moon came out, we started collecting Transformers and then that collection turned into mine also. My son is going to be 5 right after Christmas and he still loves the Cyberverse stuff. My youngest daughter just plays with all of the toys we have all over over the house. She just turned 3 and I'm not sure what she will get into next. If it wasn't for my kids though, I probably wouldn't collect toys. Never had any interest in them until I realized how much fun they are.

Originally Posted by yesidoknow View Post
I wouldn't have lots of toys if I didn't have a kid.

My son is only two and a half but he already enjoys the transformers or robots as he calls them and TMNT. I found my old beast wars and gave him the ones that were still in one piece. I had alot of classic turtles figures that are now in his toy box. To bad this started my OCD of trying to collect transformers again. lol.
Me, too! Even though I had many toys when I was little, I did grow out of buying toys (while my brother continued on buying Gundam toys and Kits). It's all thanks to my older son and Micron Legend Jetfire that I am here

Originally Posted by Tracer View Post
I bought packets of those for my kids' cousin last Christmas. My sons and I thought they were rather pointless...then Star Wars Pods came out and it's so hard to resist getting them >_<;
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Old 12-11-2012, 07:05 AM   #30
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i dont have any children..that being friends and brothers kids have plenty of them from i'd imagine if i had kids(hypothetically) they too would be showered with toys..
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