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Do your children have lots of toys?

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Old 12-09-2012, 07:42 PM   #11
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Well, seeing as I'm 13 and don't HAVE children, this isn't my thing. But my dad always buys me lots and lots of toys, and I think it's because he never got very many as a child and he always loved them. I think he's the real reason I collect.
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My kids have a LOT of toys. They have too many IMO. I do my best to stay out of it and let my wife do the shopping for them because I don't want to force any of my "habits" on them. I also don't feel right telling her not to buy because of the amount I have acquired for myself over the years. Its kind of a catch 22. Every once in a while though I do make suggestions for them.

As for saving my collection for them. I don't plan on it. When I'm done collecting, Ill try to sell mine off and put it towards their college fund. I think their interests will be very different from mine when they are older. I doubt they would want them anyway.

Good topic O.P.
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Old 12-10-2012, 05:01 AM   #13
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I don't have any kids myself (as far as I know ) but I do have a nine-year-old niece. I did try in earlier years to get her into Transformers, and although she does think they're cool she never really played with the few I gave her. I think she wasn't that great at remembering how to transform them. She's got an old head on her though and likes ornaments and books so it's always cheap and easy to find something for her, even if it's from a secondhand shop. It doesn't matter what I give her, she always appreciates it. I'm extremely lucky she's the kind of kid that doesn't want the newest expensive fad item. She doesn't live a rich life so she knows the value of things she gets.

She likes Power Rangers and I find stuff at car boot sales to give her, which she loves even though things are often missing the weapons. She's certainly not bothered if it isn't the newest thing and MISB. This Christmas I've found her the Power Rangers base from SPD for 6 at a car boot sale. She's going to flip her shit when she sees it, just like she did a couple of years ago when I gave her a box full of about fifty Power Rangers figures.

She likes Nintendo DS too and there are always stalls at car boots selling games for as little as 2, even with their boxes and instructions intact and included. So this year she's getting the SPD base, a handful of DS games, and some more notebooks for her to write her stories in (I write too so I think I've given her the writing bug). And knowing her it will all be the best presents ever.

So, to finally answer the thread question, I don't really buy her more toys because I like toys myself. I may have tried to begin with, but it's better to just buy her the things I know she enjoys, toys or whatever it may be.
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Old 12-10-2012, 06:27 AM   #14
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My little girl is only 1, so she doesn't have LOTS of toys yet... but I'm sure that will change.

Personally I have a lot of toys because (like my parents) I am a hoarder. Seriously, my Mum will keep an absolute ass tonne of crap in the freezer, rather then rotate it out and eat the older stuff in her head the freezer is a magical box where time stands still. Until there's a power cut and PANIC.

My Dad used to keep lots of old machinery, because in his head he's quite capable of fixing it and saving money that way... which is fine except he never HAD the time to fix it all and when he moved back to HK he got rid of a whole load of stuff.

This has rubbed off on me, and being the younger child (one older brother) when I was growing up we weren't rich by any stretch of the imagination so I was always careful with the toys we had. There was a definite distinction between 'mine' and 'yours', I have a G1 Starscream in my loft that is still 'his', even though he's probably forgotten all about it. So because we were so careful with the toys, I still have a lot of them from the 80's.

I've sold off a bit (Starcom, Mask) but generally I have a lot of old toys that one day, when my daughter is old enough I will play with her. For instance I have an old Torpedo run game in the loft, mint complete, the only thing gone wrong are the little rubber bands have deteriorated. No matter, I've already sourced some new ones. Anyway one day when she's able we're going to set it up and blow up each others ships.

Today I play with her toys with her (wooden blocks, that kind of thing), we've already got a big dolls house for her to move onto. I agree that playing with my daughter helps her learn. Everyday she picks up new things from us, stacking blocks to make towers is a new one for her.

Anyway right now we're the ones selecting her toys (by and large) and when she starts to consciously decide on her own what she wants hopefully we will have instilled in her an understanding of the value of things. I dunno.

I still remember a conversation I had with a friends daughter, at the time she had a younger brother who basically broke every toy he got his hands on (although he's much better now). Anyway she was amazed I still had my G1 Optimus Prime, which was probably bought in... 1986? She just couldn't fathom how it had survived so long.

I also have a fair bit of Lego too, in two big tubs under my bed, eventually it'll go to her when she's old enough. I still have all the instructions (except for a couple of 80's sets) and everythings already bagged up by set (in comic book bags) with the minikits in money bags.

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i don't have any children. There are some I like to mentor but I don't like to have kids around all the time. Still living with my own parents in fact.
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Yes. I work hard and my son is spoiled. We collected Disney Cars together so he has about a million of those.

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Thanks for sharing, everyone I suppose it's not very surprising many members with children intend to share the love for TFs with their offspring

Anyone whose children are into toylines you don't think are that great? Like I mentioned in my first post, it was very difficult for me to bite my tongue when my kids were buying Beyblades. Actually I confess that I voiced my disapproval a couple of times, but I still went Beyblade hunting with them because I did know how it was with toy collecting.
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I never collected toys until I had kids. Now my house is full of them. My oldest daughter was into Zhu Zhu pets, so I have about 50 of them boxed up now in storage. My son was into Thomas the Tank Engine; we have a Train table still set up in his room. We quickily moved on from Thomas and got into Disney Pixar Cars. That quickily turned into my collection too, and we are still big into collecting those. Last summer when Dark of the Moon came out, we started collecting Transformers and then that collection turned into mine also. My son is going to be 5 right after Christmas and he still loves the Cyberverse stuff. My youngest daughter just plays with all of the toys we have all over over the house. She just turned 3 and I'm not sure what she will get into next. If it wasn't for my kids though, I probably wouldn't collect toys. Never had any interest in them until I realized how much fun they are.
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Old 12-10-2012, 08:25 AM   #19
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What... I have children?? Eeek.

Uhm, no I don't. I had a lot of toys as a kid. But my kids will probably never have so much toys. I don't have the money. But maybe I will never have kids anyway. Who knows.
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Originally Posted by SydneyY View Post
Anyone whose children are into toylines you don't think are that great?
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