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The Generation One Toys Appreciation Thread! (Only Donuts Post Here!)

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The Generation One Toys Appreciation Thread! (Only Donuts Post Here!)

I really enjoy the Toy Discussion forum, and while such a thread as this may seem so obvious to almost go without posting, I wanna have some fun with G1!

That being said, here we go! What to do? I wanna see your photos of G1 figures! I don't care if they're minty mint, or if they've just came out of the worst battle from Cybertron! "Supah clear" or "just clear enough to see" is fine, just try not to post blurry pieces of junk!

Also, even as cool as "Classics" and "Geraation" figures are, I see tons more photos and discussion about these toys elsewhere. Amazonicron is cool, but its not a G1 toy. Reissues are fine, and even toys such as e-Hobby Detritus and Sunstorm (because they are G1 molds made to fit with the G1 line, just retroactively) are cool. Ok, simply enough? Awesome!

Discussion? You bet! What do you like about G1 figures? Have a favorite figure? Talk away! However, if G1 is not your thing at all or you just wanna gripe about G1, don't bother here! Those who know me, know I like quite a few figures from all sorts of TF lines! While I have my biases (*looks at thread title*), I don't go trolling other threads of lines I don't like myself. G1 toys are bricks, they're 25 years old, but . . . they're G1 figures!
Also, if you're just stumbling on this thread, and you find yourself wondering "hey, donuts! Wut?", then let the words of our good friend, heroic_decepticon enlighten you:

"Maz started this.

He'd say that Sixshot lovers or the lack of appreciation for Greatshot caused this... but Maz started this.

He started it here on page 7653 of The Generation One Toys Appreciation Thread!, now with donut attachment (or if you prefer 'dougnut').

Here, the proof is in the pudding... erm... donut..."

Basically, we were all, urm . . . discussing Greatshot, and the next thing we know we're all calling each other donuts (in friendly jest, of course!). Anyways, don't be confused! Just bring me donuts!
Anyways, I'll start off here with something I've been working on for quite some time - carded Action Masters! Here they are:

Also, I know I've posted this photo quite a bit, but I wanted to get this party started right:

Though I know some of you guys have a ton of non-US G1s (and I envy you!), I'll post my favorite here (can you guess its name? ):

While we're at it, let's have some Monstructor lovin':

Originally Posted by Autobot Burnout View Post
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Originally Posted by Dean ML View Post
SQ7 is a wise wise man.

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I love G1 for many reasons!

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Originally Posted by Superquad7 View Post
Wow, cool action masters display! And how much you give for Overlord? I almost got it on Ebay, but my luck failed me
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My lone Japanese G1 figure...

War torn Fort Max...

That will do for now...
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Originally Posted by whoamidri View Post
I have no interest in presenting a clear or legitimate complaint.
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Hugs thread! Hope to see lots of pics!

Sales thread:
Looking for: TRU Legends Storm
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Possibly too wide a topic?! Still, I will post some bits when I get the chance. Carded Action Masters are nice to see.

Any photos of an expansive, linked up Micromasters city?
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Unfortunately, a lot of my G1's got lost and trashed throughout my childhood years.

So, here's a tribute to the few I have got left ( some others are stored in boxes behind boxes behind boxes in the attic ) :

Panorama line up

Decepticons only ( Megatron's a G1 reissue. His accessories are stored in box )

Autobots only

Not strictly G1, but it feels so natural. In this scenario, Max' VF-1A feels as if it's a crossing between G1 Whirl and G1 Jetfire. lol

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Running to my loft right now to dig out my 'battle (sister) damaged' 1984 Optimus Prime and 'battle (Sydney holiday) damaged' camera...
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Solely in the spirit of joining in, here is my woefully pathetic G1 Detolf shelf:

My next G1 Holy Grail will be Headmasters Hosehead...because I hate myself and my bank account. XD
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Some minis. I have a tiny g1 collection compared to most but it grows:

Black Variant Mirage, Hound and Sideswipe:

G1 Jetfire

Triggerbot I'm going to restore:
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