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Serbia and Montenegro Transformers Sightings

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Serbia and Montenegro Transformers Sightings

Please use this thread to report Transformers sightings in Serbia and Montenegro.
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I'll start first. In Nis you can find movie figures (deluxes, realgears and legends with some cyberslamers and the OP rig blasters) in Turbolimach store at the end of Kopiterava street, Enci-Menci and Eureka toyshops in Kalcha mall.

You can visit Interex megastore for Cybertron deluxes and scouts, as well as classics mini-con teams.

You can also check on the larger open markets and stores that sell plastic goods for various bootleg and KO transformers (mostly mini and micro G1 combiners).
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Just found (and bought) RotF Bludgeon in Turbo Limac store in Mercator Center (Belgrade). They also had his co-sell, Recon Ironhide, and both Voyagers were 3300 dinars (approximately $50). In comparison, RotF Deluxes sell for 1300 dinars (approximately $20) and Scouts are 1000 ($15).
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Old 03-12-2011, 05:40 AM   #4
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You can find RTS and HTFD figures, nice.
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DOTM Figures in Dexy Co stores.
In Usce and Delta City Deluxe, Leaders and Voyagers and Cyberverse in others.
Deluxe: Roadbuster, Topspin, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Barricade,Starscream, Jolt.
Voyagers: Shockwave, Optimus Prime and Skyhammer.
Leaders: Bumblebee and Ironhide.
Cyberverse Commander: I can remember only Hatchet, Ironhide, Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime.
Legends: Leadfoot, Mudflap, Stealth Bumblebee.
Cyberverse Playsets: Bumblebee and Starscream.
Legends: 700 dinars (10 $)
Commander: 1500 dinars (21,5 $)
Deluxe: 2500 dinars (35 $)
Cyberverse Playsets: 3200 dinars (45,7 $)
Voyagers: 4000 dinars (57 $)
Leaders: 7000 dinars (100 $)
In Offy toy store, you can find PCC 5-Packs for 2650 dinars (38 $)
In Turbo Limac in Nusiceva 11, you can find PCC Commander for 1200 din (17 $)
Also in Turbo Limac, there are a lot of ROTF Legends Sideways and Bumblebee.
There's also ROTF Scout Breakdown.
In IDEA, there's same as in Turbo Limac (300 din-4,2 $ and 1000 din- 14,3 $ for Legends and Scout).
EDIT: In Dexy Co at Vukov Spomenik, you can find all mentioned Cyberverse figures, but not MechTech.
That is useful when you live near there, so you don't have to travel throught whole city.
EDIT 2: In Turbo limac, Bumblebee and Breakdown are no longer avaible, and PCC C costs 1100 din (15$).
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