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This is who Soundwave is (spoilers)

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Old 03-04-2012, 07:45 PM   #1
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This is who Soundwave is (spoilers)

Now I know what some of you are thinking. What is this avatar-less newbie doing posting a topic that references that Soundwave isn't Soundwave? Well, read through and you will see that I might just have Soundwave figured out.
Oh and I said spoilers because I have reason to prove that this "speculation" could be true.

Soundwave is the main overall villain in Prime. Not Megatron. As far as Megatron is concerned, they are partners and Soundwave serves no one. Soundwave will sometimes do what Megatron tells him because they work hand-in hand. Soundwave can't do the same thing back because he can't risk speaking.
Here, this may make more sense:
-In the Unicron arc, Ratchet explains that both Megatron and Soundwave were the forerunners of the rebellion that started the war. Whoa! Why didn't he just say Megatron and new followers? Why specifically mention Soundwave? Here's why: The writers are hinting something. Soundwave has more to do with the outbreak of the war than we think. Soundwave is Palpatine and Megatron is Anakin/Vader.
-Soundwave (screen-face aside) has the Decepticon symbol as his head. He is also the iconic purple. All the Deceptidrones are similar in design to him and his past incarnations. The Insecticons are linked to his system in that he can sense their activation from Cybertron. They are linked. It is likely that Soundwave spawns these minions. This how Soundwave acquires intel so well. They are all his "eyes" and "ears".
-Soundwave rarely ever leaves the ship.....which is swarming with his spawns.
-Ratchet recently said that no one is better at building space bridges than the Decepticons. Whoa, wait a minute! Who are the brains on the Decepticon side that could do that? Not Knockout. He cares more about his paint than to be a top-notch doctor like Ratchet. Can't be Megatron. He is all about domination. Arachnid and Breakdown don't specialize here and the drones are just stupid drones. That just leaves Soundwave and why wouldn't it be him. Observant, calculative, and sinister. Soundwave is a walking database linked to more databases. Why wouldn't he be able to pull space bridge plans out of his butt?
-Ever wonder why Soundwave never beat Starscream around like he did with Arachnid? The reason is simple. Starscream could substitute for Megatron well because they both have common goals. Starscream is just weaker and more cowardly version of Megatron. Another asset. Another tool. Arachnid on the other hand......she is doesn't entirely care about the Decepticons. She only wants to fullfill her hobbies and her history as an ex-con doesn't look good. When Arachnid was planning to leave Earth for her own needy wants, Soundwave couldn't let that happen. He had to make this bitch realize who is in charge and what HE WANTS. She is nothing more than obstacle to piss him off.
-Megatron says "I should have killed Starscream when I had the chance" to Soundwave. Why would he tell Soundwave that? Because he is sorry to Soundwave. Starscream delayed Project Iacon and it's mostly Megatron's fault. It was also Soundwave's fault as well because Starscream convinced Soundwave he was loyal straight to his face and recorded it. Now Soundwave sees Starscream as major pain in his plans and it all started with Arachnid since she left him behind. Another reason for Soundwave to absolutely hate Arachnid.
-Soundwave makes himself seem like a pawn of Megatron's as a way of hiding the truth that he is behind everything. It is clear that Soundwave wants to continue his operations of Earth. Megatron is a Mask.
-Soundwave is a one-of-a-kind bot. Him and the drones are the only ones without optics. There is something unnatural about them.
-Since Soundwave wants to be situated near Earth, he likely wants Prime dead because it is likely that only a "Prime" can stop him. Or it is likely that Optimus is just too dangerous for Soundwave's cause cuz he is the last Prime. Either way, it seems Soundwave doesn't want there to be a Prime alive. He would've killed Optimus after project Iacon if that was what you were wondering.
-The "encryptions" that Optimus was decoding may be what Soundwave needs desiphered for his master plan (whatever that and Iacon might be).
-Megatron never bought any of Starscream's lies about Soundwave. Then again, that's a given.
-Stealth fighter? Definitely hiding something.....

Bottom Line: The writers of this show setup a genius and elaborate plan where Soundwave is behind everything. Who would have thought?

Nonetheless, this is still speculation. More importantly, what do you think?
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Nice story.
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Interesting speculation.....but it's not something the writers would go for.
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Old 03-04-2012, 08:08 PM   #4
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very interesting idea indeed. I totally love it.

I'm speechless right now. thank you for that idea. when I go back, I'm gonna watch the episodes mentioned here in a different light.

THANK YOU for sharing! THANK YOU!
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Interesting to be sure, but don't start believing your own ideas should be canon. You'll be disappointed when they don't come to pass, like some others have been recently.
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cool story, bro.

but seriously, tfw 2005 has better writers than the show.
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Interesting theory. I like it. If I recall, didn't IDW have Soundwave performing something of the same role in Megatron: Origin? He wasn't necessarily the brains behind the operation, but he nudged Megatron in the direction he wanted.

Nice first post.
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Originally Posted by Mako Crab View Post
Interesting theory. I like it. If I recall, didn't IDW have Soundwave performing something of the same role in Megatron: Origin? He wasn't necessarily the brains behind the operation, but he nudged Megatron in the direction he wanted.

Nice first post.
That's true. Actually I've read a Transformers Moesaic about that that explores what if Soundwave is the true mastermind.

Intresting and creative theory the OP has there. It makes even more sense that his face is the Decepticon logo. If that is indeed true it'll be a major twist!

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I can see this happening. It looks like soundwave has many plans up his sleeve or under his frame whatever robots have.
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That is interesting but don't forget, Starscream really is the scientific brains behind the decepticons. He is the one who built the spacebridge to the point the others where able to finish it without him. The fact that Starscream is such a good scientist is probably the real reason Megs (and maybe Soundwave too) let Screamer stick around for so long.
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