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TFW's Generations Bumblebee Gallery Now Online

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TFW's Generations Bumblebee Gallery Now Online

Next up in our series of galleries looking at the Transformers Generations Wave 5 is Bumblebee! This version of the beloved yellow Autobot is based on the rebuilt body Bumblebee received at the end of his miniseries early in the Mike Costa era and that he then retained for the remainder of the ongoing. It is best described visually as a hybrid of classic and movie Bumblebee designs, giving Bumblebee a look which is both modern in respect of the resemblance to the Movie and Prime musclecar Bumblebees, but also retro with some of the nods to the original Bumblebee - in particular the headsculpt, which is a Bumblebee face very strongly based on the Generation 1 look that you can almost see Dan Gilvezan providing the voice of.

That being said, while Bumblebee has a great look, he falls far short of the other new toys in this assortment. Unlike Trailcutter, Megatron and Orion Pax, there are some vehicle mode parts left hanging off of the robot mode, in particular the whole roof of the car. But Bumblebee also falls short technically, with his elbow movement restricted by hard plastic notches, a shade of yellow plastic that may not please everyone, and the sliding panels on the lower leg feeling tight to the point you worry you might break them. On my Bumblebee also the legs, which are purely friction joints - not balljoints or even pin joints - were a bit loose at the knees. It is a pity, because there are a lot of good ideas that went into the Bumblebee design - but I was left feeling that Bumblebee perhaps should have been put back a wave to let his design be polished to the level of Megatron, Trailcutter or Orion Pax.

Overall, Bumblebee is not terrible - he's the weakest of the four, but still looks nice when displayed. The Goldbug / Goldfire version might be the one to look toward though, for being an official Classics style Goldbug as well as being in a generally nicer looking deco.

Check out the gallery of Bumblebee at the link below:

Generations IDW Deluxe Bumblebee Gallery

Generations Bumblebee Robot Mode

Generations Bumblebee Car Mode

Generations Bumblebee with his "Stingers"

Generations Bumblebee with his Stingers combined into cannon mode

Bumblebee with Classics Bumblebee Robot Mode

Bumblebee with Movie and Prime Bumblebees Car Mode
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I was gonna comment that he was unexceptionally a bumblebee, but the paint on those arms looks awful.
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Looks good aside from the yellow painted arms.

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At first I was like "oh that is a nice looking legends/cyberverse figure". Then I realized it was a deluxe. Man they just do not make them like they used to.

Even if I think the toy is lame, the gallery is very nicely shot as always

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The only thing I don't like about this figure is the unmatching painted forearms. Otherwise this will be the first bb figure other than the original classics that I actually look forward to getting
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The yellow arms look like crap. I also don't care for the fact that his shoulders are the front end of the car

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What a horrible looking Transformer.

At least, nothing about this says 'Bumblebee' to me. It's just a generic 'kick-ass' warrior robot. At least try and give the guy some humble, physical nods that hint at his 'runt of the litter' character.

Of course, thanks to the wet fart of the movie version, Bumblebee is now a full on fightin', shootin' soldier. How DULL.

The head is nice though...
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The rear windshield is a nightmare trying to slide back together for vehicle mode. I haven't been to get them completely together.
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Truth be told... I'd get a Renderform kit and repurpose him as another of the mini-bot redecos of Cliff/Bee from the G1 days.

Perfectly fine with my RTS Bee as Bumblebee... (Not going out of my way to get the original Classics Deco most likely... and no way am I paying like 80-100 for that KO reshell by Art Feather.)

Kind of wished they could've at least made that silly back kibble functional as a shield. Seems silly, but honestly it would be better than having a giant chunk of plastic eyesore that is hard to avoid getting out of shots. >_>

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Wow, I have to admit, I'm not a huge Bumblebee fan, but this figure looks spectacular. Can't wait to get mine.
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