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TFW Generations Blitzwing Gallery

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TFW Generations Blitzwing Gallery

The next new Transformers toy to get featured in our galleries is the hot new Decepticon addition to the Generations line, Blitzwing! Blitzwing has been in demand ever since the first assortment of Transformers Classics toys gave us an Astrotrain in 2006, a demand that only increased with the addition of Octane to the Universe line in 2008. It's been a long time coming, but Blitzwing has finally arrived in the Classics line.

Blitzwing is a Voyager class toy, and he feels nice and substantial. He has plenty of articulation and nice big feet which take his weight really well. The shoulders are a bit awkward out of the box - they pop out very easily - though there are ways to modify them for a better fit; check out one such modification in our Radicons Customs section here. Blitzwing features both his alternate modes, jet and tank, and they do a good job of being distinct from each other thanks to some rather clever tricks. In a homage to the Transformers Animated Blitzwing, Generations Blitzwing sports the three different faces of that character, an excellent and fun touch.

Overall Blitzwing is a great toy. The shoulders are the weakest point about him, along with some of the more rubbery parts, but I would invite you to look past that and see just how much of a masterwork this new, definitive version of Blitzwing really is.

Open the link to view our gallery:

Transformers Generations Blitzwing Gallery

Blitzwing Robot Mode "Classic" style face

Blitzwing Robot Mode "Icy / Calculating" face

Blitzwing Robot Mode "Crazy" face

Blitzwing Tank Mode

Blitzwing Jet Mode

In jet mode, you can even open Blitzwing's cockpit

Blitzwing with Reveal the Shield Lugnut

The Classics Decepticon Triple Changers, together at last!
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Sweet gallery of a sweet figure. The front page thumbnail is wicked.

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I love it.
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Cannot wait to find this figure!
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A great figure, it has some issues, but none are a deal breaker. Being sold with Springer may have hurt his overall impact (Springer is incredible!)
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Old 05-04-2013, 10:00 AM   #6
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been waiting for them to release Blitzwing for so long, the Many-faces thing is a surprised but so far this toy looks awesome. Wish they would do Sixshot and the rest of the autobot triple changers, really want them to do a new toy of Broadside.
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I was on the fence about Blitzwing but the Animated reference pushed it over for me. He will be purchased the instant I see him. He looks great next to Lugnut.
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Perhaps the most awesome and accurate toy of Blitzwing there will ever be. I want one.
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Love seeing all 3 G1 figures together like that...

I'll be able to do the same shortly.
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That poor G1 Blitzwing has had a rough life
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