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GI Interview with TF Universe developers

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GI Interview with TF Universe developers

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I know we're all very excited about creating our very own Transformers, so I'm pulling the relevant part out of the article.

In what ways can you create and customize your character? Do you play a single Transformer, or multiple characters?

Horton: Full character customization like you see in MMORPG’s can’t really be all that varied for a car that has to transform into a robot smoothly and also perform as a game character flawlessly, making a Transformers character that performs its duty a challenge before you add any really worthwhile customization. Picking bits of headgear, tunic colors or adding body kits to a vehicle aren’t that straightforward in a robot-vehicle character. We have customization, but the ultimate dream of creating your own custom bot from a car of your choice is a massive undertaking that doesn’t really enhance the game that much. It’s not as cool when you compare it to having your own collection of purpose-built bots with different play-styles, handling, weaponry, and specialties. It’s in the Transformers brand DNA as a toy, something that captures your imagination as you take it on adventures, not to mention the collectability, having a cool selection of Transformers characters. Its game art imitating life.

Coupe: Absolutely – I think players will really enjoy learning more about the new characters that we’re introducing to the Transformers’ Universe. These are genuinely brand new characters that people won’t have encountered, all with their own abilities, weapons and personalities, some Bots compliment other characters, some don’t and players are going to have to learn which combinations work best together. You’ll also be able to add elements of personalization to the members of your squad, so you won’t be completely without character personalization. The most obvious version of this is the personalization seen within weapons, you’ll be able to adjust modules within these weapons to give you multiple combinations that will be unique to your bot.
Color me disappointed. Just reading this and looking at the word-choice of Coupe, when he says, "So you won't be completely without personalization . . . ," tells me that there's going to be next to none ala' Fall of Cybertron's "customization."

But I think the thing that pisses me off the most about this little snippet, is that A LOT OF PEOPLE were looking forward to building their own unique, original Transformer. A LOT OF PEOPLE!! There were entire press conferences and demos devoted to showing off nothing but the deep levels of customization. For Alex Horton to now come in here and basically tell us what we really want isn't customization, but all these other bells and whistles, pisses me off.

No, Alex. I didn't want an entire squad of robots. I wanted one unique robot that I could develop and tweak and build up and put my stamp on. I don't need a squad, because it's a MMO! The squad is made up of everyone else playing! If my customization options are limited to my various weapon loadouts, then I'm going to be extremely disappointed.
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YES TEAM ZETA LIVES!!!!!................I'm really holding back on the nerd-gasm here!!!
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From what I've read its not even really an MMORPG anymore. You pick a team of 5 guys and play PvP skirmishes with other players. Thats it.

My interest in this has dropped off the radar.

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Originally Posted by TriBlurr View Post
From what I've read its not even really an MMORPG anymore. You pick a team of 5 guys and play PvP skirmishes with other players. Thats it.

My interest in this has dropped off the radar.
You are correct; the game is no longer an MMORPG. It is now a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).
Transformers Universe - MOBA, not MMO
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At least we'll get some new characters out of this. I have no confidence in the game, but I dig the prime art.

We'll never get those helecopter and tank vehicons.

...Or was that the Chinese game?

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This game is now worthless to me since it's no longer an MMO. An MMO would do so much better and has the potential to be a gigantic cash cow for a company. Just another TF game letdown.....
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the fact it's just a MOBA doesn't make me want to embrace the game at all. I fail to see how they couldn't base the game similar to how SW:TOR works, in having the game set on various planets (Earth, Cybertron, Junkion would be good starters, expanding to Animatros etc later) and complete a number of class-based missions.

That alone would've made me instantly buy a subscription to the game. Knowing it's just PVP with little to no story makes me utterly uninterested in the game. How do I get into a game where there's no real characterisation?
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Wow. Now a MOBA. I've lost almost all interest in this game now.
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It's really sad because the original beta had a lot of potential. I only played for a few minutes but from what I saw of the graphics, design and customization it looked like they were on the right path. I'm assuming their hardware couldn't handle it. MOBA games are far less demanding on the servers I'm sure. They should have just scrapped the whole thing after that debacle.
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If there are any members who are currently playing or know any info about the NetDragon Transformers MMORPG, let us know. I believe that game never went through changes despite the fact that it is the Asian equivalent of Jagex Transformers: Universe. We’d love to do a comparison.

I still have hopes for the Jagex Transformers: Universe. Jagex is known to be a good developer.
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