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New AM Frenzy, Rumble and Wildrider pics

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Old 01-26-2013, 09:43 AM   #1
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New AM Frenzy, Rumble and Wildrider pics

ひげひげな、おもちゃの日常 1月は、ビークルも*ャラクターもイケメンばかり^w^;(TF プライ* 1月 ランブル・フレンジー・ワイルドライダー 未シールプレ)

Notice the lack of paint on "Rumble's" face, I don't see it mentioned that it was removed or was a factory error.

I'm hoping for either, because the face looks do bland unpainted.

Originally Posted by Superquad7 View Post
Also, Shatterpoint's post is pretty cool :)
Originally Posted by Meta777 View Post
Ah, Shatterpoint. Able to twist even the most mundane into the most hilarious.
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Frenzy and Rumble look really meh. Wildrider, on the other hand, is magnificent!
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I'm glad Dead End was a Hasbro exclusive repaint. I don't know if I'll buy red frumble. He looks plain without stickers.
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Old 01-26-2013, 11:48 AM   #4
News cred > street cred

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God I can't wait until Takara stops with all this sticker bullshit.

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It looks to me like the photographer just swapped the Rumble and Frenzy heads, to give the blue one the more familiar "cartoon-friendly" head.

I really like these guys. I hope we see them both domestically (and Wildrider too!) though that seems to be less likely now that Beast Hunters is all over the shelves.

I mean, at the cost of importing the Takara stuff, I might as well just buy the FansProject Stunticons instead.


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I want Wildrider, but not for $30 shipped bad...
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Old 01-26-2013, 01:00 PM   #7
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love the Wilrider head but the rest is meh
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Love that head sculpt on Wildrider. His gun is pretty BA, too.

Soooo wish I had the money to actually buy toys right now...Damn living expenses. If only I didn't have to eat.
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it would be great if we actually got wildrider here in the states..
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I love the way Wildrider looks without stickers.
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