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TakaraTomy Combaticon Photo Galleries

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Old 01-26-2013, 08:43 AM   #1
Randy of the Allspark
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TakaraTomy Combaticon Photo Galleries

ひげひげな、おもちゃの日常 宇宙の狙撃手(トランスフォーマー TFジェネレーションズ TG03 ディセプテコンブラストオフ)
ひげひげな、おもちゃの日常 超高度の処刑人(トランスフォーマー TFジェネレーションズ TG04 ディセプティコンボルテックス)
ひげひげな、おもちゃの日常 狙撃による大量*壊者(トランスフォーマー TFジェネレーションズ TG05 ブ*ウル)
ひげひげな、おもちゃの日常 簒奪の*器商人(トランスフォーマー TFジェネレーションズ TG06 スィンドル)
ひげひげな、おもちゃの日常 知略と戦術の将(トランスフォーマー TFジェネレーションズ TG07 オンス*ート)

ひげひげな、おもちゃの日常 恐怖の戦術兵士(トランスフォーマー TFジェネレーションズ TG03-07 ブルーティカス)
ひげひげな、おもちゃの日常 スクランブル合体!スクランブル合体!!(TFジェネレーション ブルーティカスを別のブルーティカスとスクランブル合体!)

These look exceptional. Some of them (like Blast Off) are just loaded with painted detailing.

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Old 01-26-2013, 08:55 AM   #2
Nobody can save you now
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Oh yes.

Makes me glad I went for them, should make a fantastic replacement for the SDCC set I traded away. Although in Bruticus mode the more muted colors kinda work for the SDCC version because the limbs don't stand out as much.

Shiny paint is pretty though! I might just display these guys in their robot modes. Imo, it's where they shine the most (no pun intended).
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Old 01-26-2013, 09:01 AM   #3
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Yeah, it may be mediocre to crappy molds, but the paint alone is enough to make me want it bad.
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Old 01-26-2013, 09:09 AM   #4
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Why did Vortex become Iron Man?
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Old 01-26-2013, 10:20 AM   #5
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Man, these pictures make it even more apparent that the worst release by far is the domestic US main line release. The United versions look much better, but there are much nicer things out there asking for my monies.
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Old 01-26-2013, 10:34 AM   #6
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Looks like Swindle hit the jackpot and plated himself with gold.
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Old 01-26-2013, 10:47 AM   #7
Decepticop Artist
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I love the poses this guy used.

I also loved the Brawlticus, Vorticus, Offticus, and Swindlecus photos. It is cool seeing them all together. But I am very happy with my SDCC set.
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Old 01-26-2013, 10:53 AM   #8
Don't make me fist you!
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Yup....definitely will get myself this set to open.
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Old 01-26-2013, 07:51 PM   #9
The Dark Knight
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Yep, still looks like crap.

It just goes to show you can paint a turd up any way you want, but at the end of the day, it's still a turd.

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Old 01-26-2013, 08:02 PM   #10
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Damn that's beautiful. Probably gonna put this one in the SDCC figure's box.
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