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Source: 刚到的MP16,东西还不错(轰隆隆+锯齿鸟)新增对比图。|变形金刚综合讨论区 - AC模玩网 - 中文世界最大的模型玩具社区

*EDIT: Better pictures here (thanks to process):

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Chest chrome damaged fresh from the package.

That's always nice to see...

Cool that the weapons for Rumble and Frenzy can store inside Soundwave, and that Soundwave can use the piledrivers as weapons too.
Here's a list of stuff I'm looking for!

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Originally Posted by Valkysas View Post
Chest chrome damaged fresh from the package.

That's always nice to see...
Seems way too even for that. Maybe it's a paint error?

EDIT: Nevermind - saw the other pics. Wow... Huh.
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ugh. that chest looks horrible... way to go takblo.

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Wow, what an awful paint job
What the hell is happening with the MP line?
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Velvet Sanchez
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Are these test shots?

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The paintjob made me die from the inside.
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I like these designs. Considering the limitations of transforming into a cassette tape, I think these are the best versions of these characters we will ever get. That said, aesthetically, think I like Perfect Effect's Rumble and Frenzy better. Robot mode wise. But still...we're getting MP tapes. And a MP Soundwave. For me, as a big fan of Buzzsaw, I have to say I am eagerly anticipating this set. Flaws and all.

Between all the new MP's and the plethora of must have 3rd party toys, this year is going to kick my wallet's ass.
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I'm assuming these aren't the final versions, no way could they be that sloppy.
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Here's a joke
A slug walks into a bar, everyone is confused. Then they die from slug juice poisoning. The end
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Paint looks bad, and at $30 a piece they should be magnificent. Is that clear orange cassette from the shattered glass soundwave/blaster set?

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