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Beast Hunters spotted at US retail

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Old 12-21-2012, 06:38 PM   #1
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Beast Hunters and Bot Shots Stunticons spotted at US retail

In possible new News, amidst some holiday shopping this morning I found some new figures at a Toys R Us in Southern California:

- Beast Hunters Wave 1 deluxe:
- Bumblebee, Soundwave, Wheeljack, and Lazerback
- $15.99 ea. (I only purchased Wheeljack and Lazerback)
- Wheeljack: This tough-as-nails outer space adventurer is newly equipped with enhanced beast-hunting gear!
- Laserback: Chaotic PREDACON rebel whose only goal is to scour Earth clean of the AUTOBOTS!

- Bot Shots 5-Packs
- Stunticons (Decepticon Dragstrip, Brake-Neck, Motorbreath, Dead End, Breakdown - The rebellious STUNTICONS team serves MEGATRON by causing chaos wherever they can!)
- Autobot Polar Assault Team (Mirage, Jetfire, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Bumbblehee - the AUTOBOT POLAR ASSAULT Team ventures into endless tundra too cold for most robots to survive!)
- $21.99 ea.

Beast Hunters Lazerback Review here
Beast Hunters Wheeljack Review here

Good luck hunting and happy holidays!

EDIT: Attached additional pics of the Stunticons! (and the polar Autobots)
EDIT: Okay, I couldn't resist opening up the packages. And surprise!- major changes to the instruction sheets (first since ??), with a large, monochromatic spread, character shot, and expanded story (!). Images and possible SPOILERS for Lazerback's origin and bio attached in images. Also added a couple early shots - enjoy!
EDIT: Reviews are up and linked!
Attached Thumbnails
Beast Hunters spotted at US retail-img_4822r.jpg   Beast Hunters spotted at US retail-img_4823r.jpg   Beast Hunters spotted at US retail-img_4825r.jpg   Beast Hunters spotted at US retail-img_4827r.jpg   Beast Hunters spotted at US retail-img_4829r.jpg  

Beast Hunters spotted at US retail-img_4831r.jpg   Beast Hunters spotted at US retail-img_4832r.jpg   Beast Hunters spotted at US retail-img_4833r.jpg   Beast Hunters spotted at US retail-img_4834r.jpg   Beast Hunters spotted at US retail-img_4835r.jpg  

Beast Hunters spotted at US retail-img_4837r.jpg  

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Could we get a good shot of that autobot botshots pack?

and how the hell did Hasbro manage to lose two of the stunticon's names in one year?
Here's a list of stuff I'm looking for!

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Well I'll be damned, new Bot Shots. I love that Stunticon set.
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Which TRU was it?

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My original series WIP!
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"Motorbreath" is kinda catchy.

"Hey Motorbreath!" "What's up, Motorbreath?" "Motorbreath, get off that fucking tractor."


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Must have those BotShots. Beast Hunters, I'll wait till I see the show.

Signature courtesy of Bumbebee765 - thanks bro!

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So that's where Laserback went.
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Good find, can't wait to see the Laserback review.
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Brake Neck? What the hell does he do? Stop so hard that people's neck suffer whiplash and hurt?
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Oh wow.

That Bot Shot Stunticon pack is a welcome surprise.
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