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ript apparel Bumblebee tee

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Old 12-09-2012, 12:15 AM   #1
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ript apparel Bumblebee tee

A new, stylized Bumblebee design is available for 24 hours on [Links are hidden for guests. Please Register.]


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That's actually really neat. I like the Autobot logo in the abdomen.

"So long as you stand in my way, I will respond by killing - murder on an industrial scale. ....I would happily wade across a river of corpses, chest-deep in rust and grease and engine oil, just to crush the spark of the last Autobot standing. And I would do so not simply as a means to an end. No. I'd do it, Prime, because it would give me pleasure." - Megatron, Chaos Theory
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Probably gonna have to pick this one up. I have quite the RIPT collection now.

Originally Posted by brittap View Post
I'm a TRANSFORMERS fan not a HASBRO fan. So if Hasbro flat out refuses (for the most part) to make the toys of characters I want I have no problem getting them from a third party.
Originally Posted by Scaleface View Post
Every time Hasbro or Takara save a penny by cutting corners, the third party guys make a dollar.
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Ore Sanjou!
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Ha! That's a pretty good one.
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Can't say I'm fond. Pity they didn't also try and incorporate Bumblebee's face into the mish-mash of components there. BayFormers Bumblebee's gribbly face might've been something to try and hide in there, on its back maybe, so it was more Transformery than a fairly generic robot bee with a hidden(ish) Autobot logo.
Autobloke in everything but name.
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I like it. Subtle!
Originally Posted by The Stud View Post
How do you make someone sig your comment
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Old 12-09-2012, 06:58 PM   #7
Optimus told me to do it!

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Sooooo..Bee is an Insecticon??

I kid...actually a nice new take on the Bee...and not so much yellow.
From Transformers Prime
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Not really feeling it
Originally Posted by GAUGE0001 View Post
There are dumb
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Originally Posted by siccoyote View Post
People are Jealous of my Grimlock Here to Save Universe, T, can't see them being jealous of this.
haven't worn mine yet, but people love the soundwave one

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