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Frank Welker interview on Collider!

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Old 11-01-2012, 11:45 PM   #1
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Frank Welker interview on Collider!

Original source: Frank Welker Talks TRANSFORMERS PRIME, Voicing Megatron Throughout His Career, How the Voice-Acting Industry Has Changed and Working with Peter Cullen

This is a lengthy interview so I'll only cut and paste a few highlights:


Welker:...With Megatron I tried to do something that would sound different than just a big robot or evil sounding dude. I fiddled with the scratchy sound and multiple voices and settled in on the original G1 voice. For “Transformers Prime” I keep the DNA from G1 but move the voice around to make it a little different, plus with the CGI and slower building story line I am able to add subtle strains to the voice giving me a lot more latitude. To hear my version of the ultimate Megatron, I recommend the “Transformers Ride” at Universal…there you have the culmination of G1, Prime, and a booming robust electronic environment.


-What was your reaction to Hugo Weaving’s comments about his voice role in the Transformers films?

Welker: I think he was just being honest, he was not familiar with the franchise and therefore had no affinity for the project. I have respect for Hugo as an actor and really appreciate what he does with his characters. I think if he knew of the fan base and the history of the “Transformers” he might have responded differently.

-Do you think he did justice to the character of Megatron?

Welker: Obviously I have to feel that my incarnation is best because I am competing. I know when I hear a replacement in a project I always miss the original no matter what the project. I think Corey Burton, David Kaye, and Fred Tatashore as well as Hugo Weaving all did interesting versions. Ultimately, however, it’s the fans who will make the final decision on who they see as the true leader of the Decepticons.


My name is Megatron and I approve this message.

Click on the link above to read the full interview. Enjoy!
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Gotta love that Frank Welker
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Welker: Obviously I have to feel that my incarnation is best...

My name is Megatron and I approve this message.

OP, thanks for sharing
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Old 11-02-2012, 12:21 AM   #4
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I love how tremendously passionate he always sounds about the entire industry, and how humbly he always positions himself as just a small part of this industry, for example when he notes nearly every major incarnation of Megatron over the years and when he names almost every main member of the Prime cast, probably because he has worked with most of those actors several times. I always appreciate reading interviews with Frank and he seems like such a positive and uplifting guy to be around!
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Frank's a classy guy, there's no doubt about it.
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Best Megatron voice actor of all time. No one even comes close in my book.

Also TF Prime Megatron is THE GREATEST incarnation of the character ever.
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All class.
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Nice interview. Though David Kaye is the true Megatron.
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G1 Megatron is the true Megatron.
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Frank Welker is one of my heroes. It's his sheer passion for the field that makes me want to become a voice actor.
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