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2012 Carlton Cards Heirloom & American Greetings ornaments

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Where's my Goddamn shoe!
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2012 Carlton Cards Heirloom & American Greetings ornaments

I'm not sure if we've seen these before. They all look great, I just don't know where to buy them. My Kohl's and Targets haven't carried these brands of Ornaments for a couple years now.

Carlton Cards Heirloom-DOTM Megaton head with Electronic light-up eyes and movie phrases:

American Greetings-DOTM BumbleBee figurine:


And a bonus, Carlton Cards Heirloom-electronic roaring (Heisei?) GODZILLA!

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Optimus told me to do it!

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Niiiiiice...Whoa, Megs looks pretty creepy, more of a Halloween ornament than Xmas.

Optimus was pretty good looking, last year. The movie Bee is okay, I guess, just don't collect Bee as much as Optimus.

I know what you mean about Kohl's...that was the only place I could find them as well, think they do carry a small amout...usually sold out by Halloween actually.

Never saw them at Target..this store in my area is too tiny I think.

Thanks for the heads-up...will try to locate them.
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