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Official Hasbro Fall of Cybertron in package product pictures, Bios, and SKU numbers!

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Old 05-03-2012, 05:40 PM   #121
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dumb bios are dumb
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^ Those are, once again, NOT the bios.
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Originally Posted by sideswipe89 View Post
Back in February, UTF posted size comparison pics with wfc megatron.
I don't know.
The only one who is actually on the same plane as Megatron is Jazz.
Shockwave and Prime are behind him making it difficult to judge the correct size.
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The thing is...WFC Megatron is a TALL deluxe (The WFC figures, except maybe Soundwave, were all decently taller than normal deluxes). So he's a hard one to compare them too.
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Packaging looks good, but the contents of the packing look better!
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Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post
Is anyone who attended Botcon able to tell us if Shockwave is at least taller than the Classic's Starscream or Generations Scourge mold?
It's not like we were passing them around and had those figures handy. All we can do is estimate, and at that size it's hard.

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Old 05-04-2012, 11:37 AM   #127
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Originally Posted by Smasher View Post
Well that's certainly the first time...


Did we talk about their size?
I remember we said something about Kickback's not being as insanely large as the Insecticons on Prime.

But honestly, I was more impressed with Masterpiece Optimus Version 2.0 on the shelf below it so maybe my viewpoint isn't the best.

At any rate I don't remember looking at the figures and going 'OMYGAWD they're small'. I was mostly amazed there wasn't a Bumblebee in the group.
i don't remember if we did... i totally forgot to look at most of the other toys in the display case on sunday cuz i was busy looking for stuff to buy... i feel like i missed so much...

Originally Posted by Bountyan View Post
Shockwave's height looks pretty decent at least, that's all I really care about.
indeed... he's easily the 1 figure i want the most...
Originally Posted by ORIO View Post
I love it. Can't wait to get it from Lumpy
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Originally Posted by axiom View Post
Could the new Prime really be this small or are the cards that much bigger?
Woah. So Ultra Magnus is going to be shorter than Rodimus?
That's going to be weird...

Originally Posted by sideswipe89 View Post
Back in February, UTF posted size comparison pics with wfc megatron.

Here they are

I think shockwave is a good size. But optimus is too small. That means magnus is gonna be pretty small too probably won't fit too well with the other generations.
Yes, at least Shockwave will be alright.

I compared the sizes from the photos and went to my shelf and figured, by looking at WFC Prime and Megs and the other figures, that FOC Prime and Magnus will probably be somewhere between Rodimus and Bumblebee. I will have to wait and see if this turns out to be true. My hopes are that maybe they make a Voyager version of that mold later...
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Is it just me or what,i feel that the Deluxe figure are getting much more smaller nowadays!
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When are thes coming out
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