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by Cth

Transformers ROTF Novelization Spoilers [ Junior, Official, etc ]

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Transformers ROTF Novelization Spoilers [ Junior, Official, etc ]

First off, I'm posting spoilers from all the novels as I get
them. As of today, I have THE LAST PRIME and the JUNIOR
NOVELIZATION. The official novelization is due next week and
with any luck I'll get it early like last time.

I'll try to post some excerpts tomorrow and answer any questions then. 2 novels and 2 hours of LOST and I've got to tuck the kid into bed.

And with that, here's a bunch of spoilers --


In the beginning, the Allspark created the first 13
Transformers -- The Primes. They needed more energy, so they
created the Matrix of Leadership. This was used to power a
device that extracts energy from suns. The Primes search the
galaxy for suns, vowing not to destroy a sun if it provided
life to worlds around it.

The Primes came to Earth and saw early man and invoked the
rule. The Fallen chose to rebel as he wanted the Matrix for
himself. The Twelve hid themselves and the Matrix away in a
tomb. The Fallen in space searches for it, and only one being
can stop him -- the last remaining Prime, Optimus.

NEST (Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty) continues
to track down Decepticons -- a human/Autobot alliance.
Ironhide, Epps, Lennox, Sideswipe, Optimus and the Twins are
here. They're tracking Demolisher's signal, and when they're
close he transforms (as seen in the trailer). Optimus and
Ironhide take down Demolisher by knocking him on his side.

Sideswipe takes out Sideways. Demolisher dies and with his
last breath mentions The Fallen.

TV coverage of Congressional hearings about Mission City.

They blame a robotics company, keeping the incident covered
up. Sam, Mikaela and his parents know the truth. Sam is
packing for college, when Mikaela calls. She's uneasy about
long distance dating. Sam is making a long distance
relationship kit and that's why he has his shirt from the
first movie. The shard falls out of his pocket and burns a
hole in the floor down to the kitchen. 6 or so devices
animate -- a microwave fights a cell phone and tosses the cell
inside and nukes it to kill it. They run upstairs and go
after Sam when Bumblebee charges out and destroys them and
part of the house. Cue the scene from the trailer.

Sam gives Mikaela the shard to keep safe. She puts it in a
safe at her dad's motorcycle shop. wheelie is spying and
overhears his and plans to steal it.

Optimus debriefing about Demolisher. NSA Advisor Galloway
doesn't trust Autobots. Says Decepticons are here because of
the Autobots, asks if they'll leave if the President asks.

The Autobots don't know what the Fallen is, since all their
history was contained in the Allspark. Soundwave is listening
in on the debriefing and learns of Megatron's location as a

Soundwave dispatches Ravage who later breaks in with the
Doctor and steals the fragment at NEST HQ.

Sam's roommate Leo is a conspiracy nut. He totally believes
in the Transformers existence. He's always being scooped by
another online website run by someone named Robo Warrior.

Leo's website is the one on the back of the shirt in the
trailer (realeffingdeal -- or as the junior novel says the-
totally-real-deal ) Leo has hacked the database and arranged
for all the hot girls to live on their dorm floor. Cue Alice
who introduces herself.

Sam and Leo go to a party. Sam keeps seeing symbols, starts
drawing them on cupcakes at the party. Alice tries to get Sam
to dance when he hears a familiar car alarm outside. He
leaves to meet Bumblebee and Alice is in tow. She gets in,
and Bumblebee ends up slamming on the breaks, dousing her in
antifreeze, etc. Sam is embarassed. She leaves and walks
home. Bumblebee takes Sam to a cemetary where Optimus is
waiting. They warn him that the Allspark shard was stolen --

Sam is frustrated when they ask him to speak on their behalf.

He just wants to live a normal life. Optimus believes in him.
He apologizes but is firm, he doesn't know what he can do if
Optimus can't convince them.

Ravage and Doctor go to the bottom of the ocean and insert the
shard into Megatron who reboots.

COLLEGE. Rainn Wilson, the professor starts teaching. Sam opens
his book and starts speed reading, absorbing it all. He
starts freaking out in class, ranting about how Einstein was
wrong and going on about galactic convergences, etc. Sam ends
up in the library after getting kicked out of class and sees a
book on his grandfather.

Megatron in Cybertronian jetform leaves Earth for (presumably
Mars) He finds the Nemesis with Starscream waiting. Very
cool interactions between the two. They took fan feedback to
heart definitely. Megatron goes to speak with the Fallen, who
claims the ship as his own. Very Emperor/Vader vibe from
their interaction. Fallen says there's another way to create
the Allspark. Megatron says the Allspark was destroyed.
Fallen says 'So were you.' Fallen says the boy has absorbed
the location and dispatches them to find him. Megatron wants
the power of the Primes, which Fallen promises him. 15
Decepticons leave with Megatron and Starscream for Earth
saying Sam is already under observation.

She finds Wheelie sneaking around. Wheelie is a pushover and
confesss he's trying to get the knowledge hidden in the shard
because the Fallen commands it. He's smitten by Mikaela
calling her a Warrior Goddess.

Alice corners Sam alone in his room, starts putting the moves
on him. Mikaela is on the way and shows up just as Alice is
about to kiss Sam. Leo, in the lobby sees an animatronic
robot on TV that looks like Alice. It's an Alice in
Wonderland robot from Disneyworld. Mikaela walks in as a 5
foot tentacle comes out of Alice's skull and strangles Sam.
She hurls the box containing Wheelie at Alice who's head goes
360 degrees. She sheds her skin and reveals a robot
underneath. Leo shows up as well to warn Sam and they all run
from Alice. They get in a car, Alice slams onto the hood.

Leo makes a joke asking why they're so calm.. are they from
the future? Did he send them back in time to save him from
robots? (Terminator joke) They ram a telephone pole and run
over Alice. They drive off only to get picked up by a unnamed
helicopter Decepticon.

Starscream slices the car in half (see trailer) Megatron says
"Remember me? I remember you." They start torturing him,
Doctor moving in with a hacksaw to get the info out of Sam's
brain. Optimus and Bumblebee crash in to save Sam, Leo and
Mikaela. Megatron knocks Prime out of the factory towards the
forest scene from the trailer. Prime asks who the Fallen is,
Megatron says you'll find out when he arrives. Prime manages
to take on all three, until Megatron spears him from behind
and takes him out. He urges Sam to go with his last breath.
Ironhide, Ratchet and the Twins show up and blast Megatron who

They regroup. Another great interaction between Megatron and
Starscream at this point as well. They can't find Sam, who
the Autobots have hidden, so they decide to contact Soundwave.
Soundwave broadcasts a message from Megatron to everyone in
the world. Transformers are definitely out in the open now.
He tells everyone they have a solar cycle to find him or
they'll destroy city after city. Sam's parents vacationing in
France see this and freak out.

Prime being evacuted. NSA guy disbands NEST.
Sam feels guilty. Feels he should have listened to Prime. He
thinks about turning himself in. He's still drawing symbols.
The Twins recognize it as the language of the Primes. "Old
school, way far back." Leo chimes in and says he saw the
symbols on Robo Warriors website.

They contact Robo Warrior, who's revealed to be Simmons,
forcibly retired and disgruntled working his mom's deli.
Simmons says Transformers have been here for a long time.

Sams says Megatron is convinced of another energy source on
Earth. Autobots can't help since it pre-dates them. Mikaela
mentions the Decepticon they have (Wheelie) who they can get
info from.

Wheelie mentions Seekers. Old Transformers. He doesn't know
what they're looking for. Says they're not Autobot or
Decepticon. He locates 10 such Seekers on Earth, the closest
one in Washington DC.

They use the shard to locate the Seeker, who turns out to be
Jetfire in a museum. He transforms. Doesn't remember where
he is and forgot what he's looking for. They offer to help
him remember if he helps them. Jetfire disappointed to hear
the war is still going on, says it's why he defected to the
Autobots. Wheelie is excited since he didn't think it was
possible. Sam mentions the Fallen, which triggers Jetfire's

Sam draws the symbols which translates into directions.

Jetfire gathers everyone and opens his own black
hole/teleportation portal. He says it's discontinued in later
models for fear of catastrophic failure. Nice way to explain
that one away writers

Jetfire teleported them to Egypt. Tells them the history of
the Fallen and the device to destroy the sun to collect the
energy. He says only a Prime can defeat the Fallen. One
orphan was hidden away though -- Optimus. Fallen tried to
find him by waging war on Cybertron. Sam asks if the Matrix
can heal Prime. Jetfire thinks so.

Sam gets a message to Lennox via his wife to bring Optimus to
the coordinates he gives. Sam passes past a security camera
and Soundwave now knows where Sam is.

Lennox once airborne gives a message to be delivered to some
Admiral for naval support. He dispatches a fleet to the

Sam and Mikaela talk under the stars, which helps Sam solve
the riddle of where the Matrix is located. They go to the
tomb only to find nothing. In the junior novel, Simmons and
Leo go at it and accidentally throw a rock which makes a hole
in a wall revealing Cyberglyphs. In the other novel, it's the
Twins that do this. The Matrix is behind the wall. This is
what those pics that surfaced earlier were.

Sam reaches out for the Matrix which collapses into dust once
it hits the air. He scoops it up and puts it in a sock,
determined to save Optimus' life.

Naval ships and Decepticons arrive in the area at the same
time. Soundwave has shut down communications in the area. He
gives the naval commander a false feed, so they're waiting on
Lennox to make a signal that never comes.

Sam and Mikaela run across rooftops towards Optimus' body,
dodging Starscreams attacks.

The Fallen makes his appearance and teleports to the top of
the pyramid.

Admiral realizes something is up and sends a spy plane to
survey the area.

Constructicons form Devastator. The Twins recognize him and
say his name. Megatron says he found the device for the
Fallen. Fallen asks about the Matrix which he needs to power

Devastator climbs the pyramid, smashing it to reveal the
device, sucking up the debris. Simmons recognizes the device
from Jetfire's speech and tries his cellphone hoping the EMP
pulse is gone. He contacts the naval ship, telling them he'll
give them coordinates. They have a Mach 7 firing capable rail
gun on board. Admiral realizes they're being tricked and
mobilizes everyone.

Sam gets near Optimus but gets nearly blown up and is knocked
out. He meets the Primes who say they've been watching him
and give some destiny speech. For his courage in saving their
descendant, they give him the Matrix. He wakes and sees the
Matrix reform from the dust he collected. It's the Dagger
shaped picture we saw earlier.

Mikaela thinks he's dead and says she loves him. Sam wakes
and says he loves her too and rushes to plunge the Matrix into
Optimus's chest. All of his memories from the Allspark are
also transfered.

Optimus is still weak. The Fallen teleports and takes the
Matrix, teleporting back to the top of the pyramid. Jetfire
knows it's time and sacrifices himself to help Optimus. He
volunteers his parts and passes away. Ratchet facilitates the
repair and Optimus emerges anew.

Megatron, Starscream and The Fallen are at the top of the
pyramid. Simmons gets the coordinates to the ship who fires
at Devastator who breaks back into his components. Prime
flies in as the device fires. He deflects part of it which
hits Megatron and Starscream.

The Fallen asks who dares, that he is a Prime. Optimus says
he gave up that name when he murdered his brothers. Megatron
and Starscream flee as Optimus takes parts of the device and
starts smashing the Fallen head with the shards. The Fallen
opens a wormhole to escape. Optimus uses the Matrix to close
it and opens a new wormhole which he tosses the Fallen into.

The wormhole sizzles shut with a flash.

Everyone regroups. They find Sam's parents inside of
a Decepticon (the one Bumblebee fights in the desert)
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Awesome. Cant wait for the more grown up one the 19th.
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Wow. That does sound kinda sweet.
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I dont understand why are Ravage and the doctor reviving Megatron, when we see the Constructicons in the trailer

Also, Megatrons Jet mode? Is that maybe the Tank-Jet mode seen in the Voyager figure? And The Nemesis?!?! If this is in the movie, AWESOME

Sounds pretty awesome otherwise from a quick skim. Can't wait
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Wow man thanks! I'm going to re-read that was a very cool summary you gave us. I appreciate it.
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Interesting, perhaps dead demolisher =/= combining constructicon after all?
Not that you could call this official, but it certainly lends to previous rumors.
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I wonder if the other seekers are still alive.
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Ehhhh, Not so sure about some of this.....mainly the Optimus backstory and stuff....
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Is not amused.
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So what ever happened to Megatron fighting Starscream as shown in the trailer?
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For the most part. It's obvious that a few things have changed and this version of the novel (and also probably the regular version) are going off an alternate or early screenplay. That usually does tend to happen, but the jist of the story remains.

This sound like it will be 1 heck of a ride come June.
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