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Allspark Power Warpath, Storm Surge and Crosshairs Pictures/Bios

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Old 12-13-2007, 09:06 AM   #1
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Allspark Power Warpath, Storm Surge and Crosshairs Pictures/Bios

WARPATH isn’t really into following orders. The way he sees it, if OPTIMUS PRIME® was all that into freedom, he’d let the other AUTOBOTS® do what they wanted instead of trying to command them all the time. For his part, WARPATH is happy to fight the DECEPTICONS®, because those guys are in serious need of a beat down. But he’ll do it his own way, and on his own time.

STORM SURGE is so named because of his all-encompassing approach to combat. Allies and opponents alike rarely leave a fight in which he is involved without being soaked in corrosive salt acid, or bathed in jellied gasoline. During fights at sea, the water around him erupts constantly into geysers as his depth charges roll indiscriminately into the ocean. On land, he sprays the area around him with emitters housed on his arms, figuring that the more destructive power he puts out, the more likely it is he’ll take out his AUTOBOT® enemies.

Armorer and weapons master for the AUTOBOTS®, CROSSHAIRS is used to dealing with some of the most dangerous technology in the galaxy. Long use has taught him to be painstakingly methodical, but has also caused him to be so entrenched in his systematic organizational methods that no other AUTOBOT® could ever hope to find anything in the vast armory on CYBERTRON™. CROSSHAIRS is so careful that he will not issue a weapon unless the requester fills out forms detailing – in triplicate – his need.
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Special guest PETER CULLEN the voice of OPTIMUS PRIME

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Warpath, a jeep, instead of a tank? PASS!!!
"How could I not have seen it? Michael Bay is just like Maximus, giving us all the explosions, T&A, guns, and fast cars we wanted, but in a horrible way, and then spitting on us. And it's all in an attempt to make us look at ourselves and examine what we've become! He's a genius!"- SMOG
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I missed out on the Original molds so I <3 the Target Scouts

BTW Shouldn't this be front-paged?

Edit:My bad..........
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Originally Posted by frenzy.mp3 View Post
BTW Shouldn't this be front-paged?
It is. We just got the information. Super Megs posted the thread while I worked on the front page post.

I love this Scout line. Give me twenty Skyblast repaints, sixteen Strongarm repaints, seven Arcee repaints, five Armorhide repaints, and a partridge in a pear tree and I'll be happy.
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Why would they make Warpath a jeep, when Scattorshot hasn't even been repainted yet? I'm all for reimagining and changing characters, but this just seems weird. It's a nice color scheme, too, but it doesn't really match the original Warpath's. They could of just slapped a new name on him and everything would make a lot more since to me.

That said, I might get him. Maybe Stormsurge, too. I have the original molds these are repainted from, but these paint apps make them very appealing.

Last edited by NMPT; 12-13-2007 at 09:33 AM.. Reason: I jut saw that Warpath has a speed planet key. Hmm...
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ooooh Shortround repaint. I'll buy that one.
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Ill take Crosshairs and Storm Surge. Warpath is a repaint of quite possibly the worst TF mold I've had the misfortune to own in years (and this is coming from a guy who can usually find something good to say about every release), so Ill skip him, EVEN if it means missing out on that tasty deco.
Currently very bored on holidays and thus trying to write Feedback Forum posts for every Transformer he owns.
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I like the Shortround repaint but the others are lame.
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Looking a lot like BotCon Fallback there, Crosshairs...

Edit: I just realized something - if Hasbro has the rights to the name 'Warpath' again, could the tank in the first wave of Classics 2.0/Universe mentioned in the new Toyfare article be an updated Warpath?
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Though it looks cool, and i'll probably pick it up, i love cheap TFs...
Do we need a 4th main release Strongarm Deco?
Don't we have enough scouts that we could have 4 waves of Movie Scouts, all unique?
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