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Do you consider Dino and Que as Mirage and Wheeljack?

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Old 09-11-2012, 07:17 AM   #1
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Do you consider Dino and Que as Mirage and Wheeljack?

I do;for some reason
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Yes, because those are the actual proper names for them. Dino was just pulled out for the memory of a deceased Italian race car driver and I have no damn idea why Que was thought up.
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I go by the movie names, so I call them Dino and Que.

@PrimesRule, Que was in reference to Q, the weapons inventor from the James Bond films.

Anyway, if you meant are they similar to the G1 characters, I never give a flying scrap about similarity to G1. I walked in on Optimus and Megs and the rest of the cast the way they were in the movies and liked them, only researching afterward the similarities and differences with G1.
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No. Just I like I consider Devastator dying in the first film. The Devastator in the 2nd movie was a mistake.
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Nope. I consider them Mario and Geppetto.
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I call them by the names used, but given that the names are used interchangably between the toys and film, either set works for me. It's not like the films have managed to be consistent with their nomenclature, even in the first film.
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This argument again....ok, pull pin, ready grenade:

Nope. Because I don't think either one of them bear any resemblance to Mirage or Wheeljack. Dino is a homage to Enzo Ferrari's son, and Que is a James Bond homage.

That's how it was the films, that's how it is, regardless of what video games or comic books may say.

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No I don't consider them by different names. The movie universe is a completely different universe than the other incarnations of Transformers some robots just happen to share a name with a very different robot from another series. Heck Dino and Que don't even share the same paint job as Mirage and Wheeljack.
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Are Skyfire and Jetfire the same in G1?

That's the only true answer.

Originally Posted by Aernaroth View Post
It's not like transformers period has ever managed to be consistent with nomenclature
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I don't find either of them important enough to care.
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