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Does Prime fear death?

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Old 05-06-2012, 07:46 PM   #1
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Does Prime fear death?

Does Prime fear death?
I wouldn't think so, seeing how he is Optimus Prime, he'd be tough, right?
Well then I thought about how he yelled "No!" when he was stabbed through the chest in ROTF, and how he sort of pleaded for Sentinel not to kill him in DOTM, the part where he yells out "Please!":

ROTF, "No!"

DOTM, "Please!"
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He shouted "no" because he just got stabbed through the chest.

He pleaded "please" because he still cared about Sentinel and was trying to appeal to the master-student bond they once shared.

Besides, nobody wants to die.

Seriously, dude?
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Things to keep in mind:

- What if I shoved a spear on your back and slowly burned your heart with it or cut off your right arm and prepared to finish you off with a blade. You might be a little less willing to not say those things after said events.

- First Case is more of "No! Without me, there's no one to stop Megatron!", second case is a classic "Please Sentinel, I know there's still good in you!"
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yeah, you think he wants to die, if a cop falls off a building, he screams doesnt he.
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Yeah, because leaving the Decepticons on Earth trying to hunt Sam while being dead is a totally pleasant thought

And the DOTM one I believe he was just still trying to turn Sentinel around back to his side.
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If anyone feared death it would be Starscream. But Prime no way. The people above have already explained it pretty well.

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I'm sorry, this topic is hilarious.

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Originally Posted by TylerMirage View Post
Dude, forget Giant Robot Punching Daggers. That thing's got TITTY MISSILES.
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Does Prime fear death

This is totally funny. Of course Optimus doesn't fear death. They are in a war. They all know death is invetible. Besides if Optimus feared death he wouldn't be the way he is.
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And here I was hoping that this would be about Thundertron when I saw it on TFW's front page sidebar.
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Originally Posted by Chopperface View Post
I love Animated Straxus. Ever seen his "account" on Formspring? His roleplayer is hilarious.
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Who the hell in there right mind wants to be killed!!!!!!!!! Of you'd beg for mercy or something if someone was trying to killed you!!!!!!!
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