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Ironhide should have died in the first shot

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Old 03-06-2012, 08:58 AM   #31
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Originally Posted by Silk Spectre View Post
This. Absolutely.

They chose to do it how they wanted to do it - logic need not apply.

This is similar to the issues of the fight scenes: a character's too weak, then the character's too strong, etc....

There are no continuity/consistency rules in these movies with things like this.
You mean the issue that every single TF series in existance has?
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I voted for Super_Megatron and all I got was this stupid user title.
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Could be the rusting agent just splashed across his chest and took a few seconds to eat its way into his spark chamber. If that's the case, he could probably feel his armor and internal structure dissolving and corroding, until it hit his spark chamber, which I'm sure was even more excruciating. So basically it could be the rust cannon is a weapon that doesn't kill instantly, but rather puts it's target through an agonizing death that there isn't any way to stop, and leaves no known chance for ressurrection.

Hi Ironhide Fans!
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Old 03-06-2012, 09:15 AM   #33
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Originally Posted by Barricade24 View Post
Didn't you tell him to shut up? So in a way, this is kind of ironic.

On topic here, I have noticed that one transformer is ripped in half--Jazz--and another has the same experience--Mixmaster. So how can one die from being ripped in half and the other not? Well we know Mixmaster was sliced in half by Jetfire and got his head kicked off and yet I believe he survived. Think about it if your like Frenzy you can survive without your body. But that also brings into account Grindor. How could he survive this? Answer: he didn't. Why? Well if your head is still intact you can still operate. But remember that Optimus literally ripped his head in half. So that is not to say his spark was in his head but Grindor basically lost his brain. Without a brain or processor in this case how can you function?

As for Ironhide, it looked like Sentinel shot a little higher above the spark and didn't directly hit it. So that could be why Ironhide didn't die in the first shot. It also could be that the weapon wasn't at full power and didn't impact as much damage as it could. I would also like to note that Ironhide is a tough Autobot so naturally one shot wouldn't be enough to take him down. And second, Ironhide died from rust not a shot. But the rust consumed his spark.
And i think your right i look it closer again i think the shot didn't directly hit the spark.
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But then we wouldn't get to see him die by rusting and his head rolling off!
Allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite.
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Old 03-06-2012, 12:39 PM   #35
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Ironhide should have died in the first movie.

And Jazz should have lived.
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I luv Mark Hamill
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Originally Posted by SouthtownKid View Post
Ironhide should have died in the first movie.

And Jazz should have lived.
This thread is depressing.
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I think he fired multiple shots due to Ironhide being one shotted in the novel. That same scene Skids and Mudflap were killed too...not sure if that matters =\
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Originally Posted by Ceasar121 View Post
^ Dude, the scale and rate of damage it takes to kill in the movies is all over the place. There is not definitive amount of pain or damage it takes to kill... as he said, Ironhide should have been dead on the first shot if the spark = heart. Likewise, once Frenzy became a headless wonder he should have died... but he didn't. How is the head of a Long Haul surviving as Igor?

For that matter, how does OPtimus Prime still have a chest? Getting blasted point blank range should have obliterated his mid section... there should be no spark chamber to repower.

When you try to have a serious discussion about what kills and what doesn't in the movies, it's gonna keep raising issues. Ironhide didn't die in the first shot, because it didn't serve the purpose of the plot or the gory nature of his death they wanted to show... not cause he's tough or his park chamber was missed or anything other than that.
And there you have it folks......

People have been shot in vital areas such as head, chest & abdomen & have survived. Why can't a "fictional" alien robot survive a "FICTIONAL MOVIE" shot?
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Originally Posted by seekerblackout View Post
You mean the issue that every single TF series in existance has?
Never said anything about any previous TF series, shows, books, etc..... I was only speaking about the movies and their inconsistency. Whatever the rest do or do not do is irrelevant.
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Originally Posted by SouthtownKid View Post
Ironhide should have died in the first movie.

And Jazz should have lived.
Neither should have died and they (Paramount/ILM) should've sprung the cash for one more redherring robot to be the casualty.

I mean, the core group of the TFs in the first movie were all fan favs. No one in that party could've ate it and we'd feel good about it. lol. Prime, Ironhide, Bee, Jazz and Ratchet...yup, they definetly needed a token 'bot to take the hit.

Also, Megatron ate Jazz's spark? I haven't read the movie novel yet, only the DotM one.

Haven't the Transformers always been fairly inconsistent in how much damage they can take across the various comics all the way back t othe Marvel series?
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