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Your favorite quotes from DOTM?

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Old 07-05-2011, 06:57 PM   #1
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Your favorite quotes from DOTM?

DOTM had some great quotes by Transformers and humans alike. Some of my favorite were:

"Spare me you gaseous sycophant!" - Megatron to Starscream

"You were the one who taught me freedom was everyone's right." - Optimus Prime to Sentinel Prime

"What a treat! You and me...ALONE." - Starscream (I really liked the creepy vibe of Starscream's voice when he said this)

"I love it when your little insect feet try to run!" - Starscream

"Tell Megatron...its time to tango." - Simmons

What were your favorite quotes?
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Also, 'I think they're going to kill us, Bee.' - Wheeljaq.

'Prime! Make something of yourself!' Ironhide whilst smacking Prime on the roof.

Spine, spine, spine, I'm skipping with your spine,
Spine, spine, spine, it was yours, and now it is mine.

The Spine Song - Optimus Prime
Originally Posted by johnbonhamatron View Post
Also, Roberts is English. Everything we say is meant to be sarcastic.
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Everything to come out of Wheelie's and Brains' mouth!!!
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I'd say "ALL HAIL MEGATRON" with his so fu*king cool sound!\
"Soudnwave reporting..." I really like his sound and the way he talks in. He's an officer you know!

"Hello mother!" by Laserbeak, that was really terrifying.

And lastly, everything said by Starscream =P
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Old 07-05-2011, 07:16 PM   #5
The Angry Space Choo Choo
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The line from Wang when he is pointing a cpouple of guns at Laserbeak.

Wheelie and Brains final lines.

and some othere that I cannot recall at this time.

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"The needs of many outweights the needs of few." - Sentinel Prime [re-used quote, but whatever].

"I hereby Discharge you from duty!" - Sentinel Prime.

"Remember be?" - Barricade [Or something like that]

"These weapons are GREAT TO KICK ASS!" - WheeljaQ.

"OOOPTIMUSS!" - Shockwave [sadly, his only words].

"A truce is called, I just wanted to be in charge again. Besides, where would you be without me, Prime?"
"Time to find out."
- Megatron and Optimus, as always, having their AWESOME mid-battle banter [or pre-battle banter, in this case].

"Time to kick ass."
"You got that right."
- Topspin/Roadbuster and Leadfoot.

"Looks like we got a little mexican standoff here, fellas." - Sideswipe.

"Class dismissed." - Ironhide/Sideswipe.

"I told your leaders who to trust, I...was wrong." - Optimus Prime.

"My masters have ordered me to...suicide ya." - Laserbeak.

"Is your daddy home?" - Laserbeak pushing the borders of the PG-13 rating. HARD.

"It was a Pleasure to make business with you." - Guess who?

"In a War, always choose the winning side." - Dylan.

"Those assholes killed my friends too." - Epps.

"No prisioners, only trophies." - Soundwave.

"Get on the ground PER FAVORE and stay there!" - Dino/Mirage.

"Laserbeak...Kill them all.." - Soundwave, being fucking creepy.

"All Hail Megatron!" - Who do you think?

"It's not like we invented the damn thing, is it?" - The most awesome character in the movie.

"This bridge is so hard to hack! [beat] But not for me *hacks in*." - Dutch.

"That means goodbye." *slams door*
- Simmons and a random russian thug.

"50 years from now, they're going to ask us...where were you when they took over the planet?" - Simmons.

"See you on the other side, Brains!" - The last words of a TRUE AUTOBOT HERO.
Cybertronian Civil War - Decepticon Chronicles (fanfic).
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"Tell Megatron, it's time to tango." Simmons

"The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few." Sentinel Prime

"Looks like we have ourselves a mexican standoff." Ironhide or sideswipe I can't remember

"Class dismissed." Sideswipe

"ALL HAIL MEGATRON!." Classic Megatron

"The day will never come when we forsake freedom." Optimus Prime perhaps one of my favorite lines of the movies from him

"We don't let the wreckers off the base because they are a**holes" I laughed at that

"Deep Wang."

"I can't promise anyone a ride home but if your with me." Lennox

"I use to have a girlfriend." "What was her name Dutch?" "India." I don't remember if that was exactly right but that was funny
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"I'm so sorry, that is the old me."
"It's like all ze buttons you never use on za calculator!"
- Dutch.

"After all, what would you be without me, Prime?"
"Time to find out."
- Megatron and Optimus.
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