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Welcome Mr. Roberto Orci, you may ask him questions

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Old 06-24-2009, 08:44 PM   #2831
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Why were the Autobots so peripheral? They should have been front and center. Poor Jolt never gets to speak once, and Arcee and Sideswipe have an average of 2 lines. We don't get to see who they are (visually because the camera never really shows them, and personally because they have no part in the story). Ironhide and Ratchet suffered similarly. I mean, they're the Autobots. I'm not blaming you at all, Mr. Orci, as I feel like you probably fought to have more focus and any actual character development given to them, and that Bay really just cared about shoving the "funny" twins in our faces so kids would go out and buy their toys (and a good portion of that money goes to Bay). So, err, the question again: Why were the Autobots so peripheral?
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Roberto,do you agree that the build up for the final battle drags on for too long near the end of the movie?

Do you find it odd no one assumed command of the Autobots after Prime got hurt? BB was with Sam and the twins doing other stuff while the other Autobots were on the side before coming to Egypt for the final battle.

What were the Autobots doing off screen when they got loaded up by the military? Did they just stay in vehicle mode?

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i wish to say thank you for an excelent movie Mr Orci.

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bob will shockwave be in the third
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Can we NOT have a Transformers 3? I was pretty damn disappointed by ROTF. Here's my review on it:

The One and Only Official I have seen the movie! Thread
Originally Posted by Transquito View Post
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Originally Posted by Takara_destron View Post
First off, great job on ROTF Bob, I loved it. Same with Star Trek

Secondly, spoiler question....

What's the deal with the Fallen? He'd been sitting around on the Decepticon ship all this time and didn't move around until "the last Prime had fallen"? Was he incapable of doing anything until then? It didn't seem very clear to me.
I think he was staying there because he knew that there was a slight possibility that another Prime could take him out.
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Okay, I love the universe you guys have helped cultivate, and create, so I only have a few questions pertaining to this installment. I wish you would consider to flesh out more of this world in the coming installments, but can understand your need to move on so will try to keep my question pertaining to the open doors to a minimum. And thank you again for yet another amazing installment.

1. The duplibots (Grindor, Long Haul, Rampage, Scavenger, bonecrusher etc). They seem to act like clones of other bots due to the lack of energon and viable scan options from the current soundwave databases from previous decepticons. A great way to cut corners on new models, was this left to the audience to assume(insinuated when starscream whines about the protoforms), or explanations cut for time due to length or just a happy accident to this epic? Or how would you explain this?

2. The Unauthorized politician. He seemingly is here at a convenient time to block our viewage of the autobots relaxing in their new base. With being only authorized to see Prime, the other bots have to stay in hiding. Did you purposefully script in a character to open the doors for later use such as companies playing with cybertronian tech(theft or sponsored), or was he more to save on render times, cost, and tackling what do aliens talk about when not fighting.

3. Wheelie and Mikaela. Awesome idea, awesome execution, and loving the potential. If you were to stay on the films, would you explore her new relationship with her pet bot? Was this door intentionally left open for a 'Mikaela: Decepticon bounty hunter' type spin off? xD Or was it another 'happy accident' that she has something that can track jetfire/seeker technology. And maybe even experiment with herself for her bike, and or weaponry or body armor.

4. Sam, while I'm guessing it's obvious you can't go into detail about his future. My question has to do with his interaction to the matrix. Is he now recognized as a prime since the matrix accepted him? Or how does that work entirely?

5. The arcee triplets, loved the usage of them on the screen, but what was the original usage of them? We've heard about the combining before, and it seems only one was hit by artillery in the film after only one line. Did the script ever feature more characterization for her? Or is that something we'll have to wait and see from the next one? (She was one of my favorites in the film, shame she had only one line. Hope for more next time!)

6. Was Roswell also a seeker? We've been visited by transformers throughout the ages, jetfire insinuating cave men days and the first wheel. Is it safe to assume the first scouting party could have come during the dinosaur ages to check for life?

7. Was that a ship on mars that starscream, the fallen, and megatron were on, or was that cybertron?

8. The protoforms, are they enslaved? Born with no choice on sides, or just good soldiers doing what they are told, what was the intent behind their manhandling and jetfire's diatribe about there being a choice?

9. Is Sam going to become a robot and mikaela is his human grounding? Or was the love story just to try to get the ladies into theaters too? xD Will sam be rodimus prime? (Him going robot, opens the door for her to hunt seekers? Recklessly endangering herself for love? Sounds like a tv series more than a movie. >.>)

10. What happens to the broken down decepticons after nest destroys them? Where will the fallen's body rest? Will megatron try to use it to repair himself?

11. Are any of the armies left on cybertron still?

12. When does jolt arrive?

13. If you were to stay on for transformers 3, would you give us more bot downtime interaction to personify them?

14. Why did the kitchen bots attack Sam? Are allspark bots born malevolent? or do they remember the years of forced servitude they endured? How exactly does that work, or is that to be explored at a later time?

15. Was it intentional to leave so many questions unanswered for the next movie? And also pose even more possibilities for the next writers to cover? Or have you rethought about continuing on with the franchise? So much is begging to be explored here. Love the possibilities created here.

16. Was the fallen confined by his brothers, or was he just scared that the remaining prime would find him?

17. Are Sam special Events going to become a trend of the films? His first car, his first day of college, his graduation from college (assuming on tf 3). Or were these just the convenient merging points of the war, arrival on earth, return of the fallen, etc?

Again Fantastic job on the story, and thank you for opening so many real world doors and possibilities, Bay's vision has so much it can still dive into, while still satiating the masses. Heck as you can see, most of my questions I want to fill the blanks in for myself just from how much is insinuated whether intentionally or accidentally. So wonderful job, I hope whoever takes over can masterfully weave all these strings together that are so ripe with potential. Just wow. My only complaint was that this world needs to be defined more. More bot down time interaction. What do they do inbetween missions when only authorized personnel are around. How do they refuel/eat, and maybe a tidbit about disposal. But for another day in sam witwicky's life, his first steps into manhood on his own in college. Epicly amazing work.

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Old 06-24-2009, 11:24 PM   #2838
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Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the movie. OPtimus ruled Finally! The twins were cool and Devestator was a beast.

My only complaint was that the Autobots could have used more characterization. The fem bots could have been utilized better. They came across as being very weak and shallow. Sideswipe needed more to say too.

Can you guys add more to the film in the DVD this go round to help flesh out the plot some more? There just seems to be a lot of info that could be inserted/ reinserted into this film.

It was awesome but it leaves a lot questions too.
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Originally Posted by Mega-con View Post
Yeah, it takes a lot of balls to sit behind a computer and type.
no i mean they won't suck up to him like they do here.
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For new rookie bots, and possibly even recently born bots. They worked and were entertaining. I loved em, and the audience I was with laughed at them repetitively. I personally don't like their head designs, but Bay did hit a homerun with them. Idiot he is not. Kids will gobble them up and love em. So he at least didn't Jar Jar Jynx the franchise yet.

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