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Out Of The Dead Land

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Old 04-01-2008, 02:13 PM   #11
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Whoah. I gotta say, I love the athmosphere from which this is startin' up from. A definition of "dead silence", where nothing's bad happening at the moment and war's over, but... its too silent. Kinda melancholic?

Great start.
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I really like the internal dialogue here. And you can't go wrong with Bluestreak (Silverstreak) as your lead character. Nice melancholy feel to the story too, and I really want to know who's creeping around, spooking 'Streak.
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Changed his name, but he still talks a blue streak.
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very good beginning, nice effects, and great story so far, and most interested in seeing what's next.
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Old 04-02-2008, 12:14 AM   #15
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You win.
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Thanks again for everyone's positive feedback.

Originally Posted by Shane Anderson View Post
And you can't go wrong with Bluestreak (Silverstreak) as your lead character.
Yup, hopefully old Blue/Silverstreak will be quite a bit of fun to have around in this story. His G1 bio shows him to be quite a complex individual, and I’m going to try and do justice to that (fingers crossed). He’s one of the main characters in this story so we’ll be seeing quite a lot of him.

Okay, due to a combination of everyone's encouraging words, me wanting to build some momentum for the strip, and also having built up a nice buffer of finished strips to fill the next few updates, here we have the next bit of Part One...

In which we find out who was spooking the Streak…

Out Of The Dead Land-An Alternators Photocomic. Updated 28/03/2013
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Oh wow, I'm feeling nothing but a complete loathing for Mirage right now as well. Excellent job on that.

And on top of the awesome writing, shots and FX, are the awesome poses. Seriously, must've been quite difficult to get two Alternators to physically interact with each other so convincingly.

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mirage = jerk

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before everyone starts bashing mirage. That's entirely accurate to his g1 toy bio. It was played down in the series as just a tracker that's homesick for Cybertron.

But really he is a ruthless sniper and was among the royal lineage in Iacon making him a bit snobbish and condescending to the weak. Mirage isn't a nice guy, but early on provided the diaclone type cars with some fast ranged artillery.

anyway before I get to carried away on mirage (I think I already have) I just want to say kudos and good job for getting to the true mirage's character.

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