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Generations Blitzwing

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Generations Blitzwing


There's no way for these shoulders to remain securely tabbed! What fucking poor design/engineering. I'm surprised this got greenlit for production. And people are wondering why more and more collectors are switching to 3Ps???

Faces rotate vertically. Head articulation got sacrificed. Faces are made of rubber.

Regular face can be fixed to get rid of the forehead.


The nosecone, which is entirely made of rubber, is impossible to fit/peg on top of the head.

Best I can could up with..

Tank mode is the weakest link.

Yeah, the turret swivels. Derp...

4th mode?

Somehow I managed to fix he nosecone WHILE IN TANK MODE :|

Yeah, this happens whenever you rotate his shoulders

Blitzwing is bulkier, but his design/engineering flaws make him a much poorer figure than Springer.

Okay now let me try this...

Robot mode: 7. Bot mode actually looks fine, but those shoulders leave much to be desired. They could've used a more secure clip or something, but for some reason did not (there's space for it, as far as I can tell). And I don't care for the faces.

Alt modes: 6. The tank is so ugly. The turret has gaps/holes. The jet mode is okay if you can get the nosecone to peg. *sigh*

Transformation: 7. Just okay. I love how the tank treads work, and how the wings are hidden, but the rest of him is just held together by pegs that are far from secure.

Build quality: 7. Plastic is the same solid one as Springer's. Blitzwing has more paint flaws, though. He has ZERO ratchets. His hip joints are loose enough to make him do the splits often. I HATE FIGURES THAT DO THE SPLITS!

Articulation: 8. No head tilt, just rotation. No waist swivel. Has ankle tilts, so yipee.

OVERALL: 7. Again, my biggest complaints are the shoulders and nosecone. They take away a lot in terms of playability, making the figure fiddly and not-fun. But then, he does look good on the shelf. Would I recommend him? Honestly, I don't know.


First, let me clarify: the nosecone and face are made of "rubbery plastic" than actual rubber, so if I have misled anyone, I apologize. These feel the same as the bits on BH Voyager Predaking. Soft, but firm.

Second, I've had more time playing with/transforming the figure, and I've grown fond of it. The shoulder issue is still there, but it only becomes bothersome when you pose the arms, and stops being an issue when you leave it alone. Bot mode looks REALLLY bad ass, jet mode is pretty good, and the tank is still meh. PLUS if you're imaginative you can get a bunch of fan modes out of this guy, so in that sense he's more fun than Springer.

So yeah, after spending more time with him, I am changing my recommendation from "HOLD" to "BUY."


I just realized that I have not posted any pic with the shoulders properly rotated. This can be done by holding the purple panels in place while rotating. Again, I apologize if I have inadvertently misled anyone.


This was inspired by the work of Wewyllenium

I used two pieces of styrene, around 8 mm x 7 mm x 1 mm each. Any piece of plastic/material of around the same dimensions will do. I used tape to adhere the pieces to this section of Blitzwing's shoulder flaps:

Just make sure that the rectangular slots just underneath the white plastic pieces are unobstructed. These slots are used in jet mode.

That's it! Your Blitzwing's shoulders should now lock in place. And the fix will not affect either alt mode.

You can also choose to make the fix permanent by using superglue to attach the plastic pieces, or temporary with double sided tape or blue tac.

Once you see how this fix works, you'll realize the mistake Hasbro made. I'm sure the design and engineering worked well in theory (i.e., in 3d programs). The problem was that the plastic which makes up the shoulder flaps and the section where the turret is attached is too flexible and not firm enough.
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Shoulder issue is disappointing. Looks near perfect to me otherwise. Probably going to be one of my favorite toys of the year just because I've been waiting for a classics Blitzwing toy for so damn long.
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Welp, time to break out the ol' nail polish for this guy...
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Old 04-17-2013, 10:24 AM   #4
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a bit disappointed after reading the review,was hoping he would be better.....i'll still probably get him
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This was not a triumph.

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ugh was really hoping for better on this guy. i still want to get him, i get the whole 3 faces nod to animated. it was cool for animated, not this.
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I think I'll skip both...Disappointing as this was the one I was interested in more.

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he looks great but the rubber plastic is dissapointing to hear

still going to get him though

but from these pics my only gripe is that the shoulder wings should point up not down

too bad they arent on a ball joint or something

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Wow, those issues are pretty disappointing... :/

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I'll still get him.
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