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Beast Hunters Wheeljack

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Beast Hunters Wheeljack

Confronted with buying the rest of the Beast Hunters Wave 1 remolds (Bumblebee, Soundwave, Wheeljack) the only one I could bring myself to throw in the cart - without hesitation - was Wheeljack. I felt the PRID Wheeljack, along with PRID Vehicon, was one of those "pinnacle" molds that achieved an amazing balance of design, solid feel, innovative transformation, and elegance in transformation that made it as fun to pick up the 80th time as the first time. I'm glad to report that Beast Hunters Wheeljack adds an armory to a great mold while taking very little away.

The sleek form of the original PRID Wheeljack still hums underneath the surface of a newly spiked out, ready-to-shred Beast Hunters Wheeljack, and the thoroughness of the change makes it work. Nearly every external facing part of the car has some significant remolding, and most of these parts carry through to the robot form as well. There's a great "marble wash" effect on many parts of the figure (front hood of the car, wings, spear tip) which really gives a great effect and helps differentiate this version from its predecessor, particularly because the overall color palette is the same (although the placement is an evolution). The car form loses a bit of aerodynamics in the back with a big attachment port, but functionally this allows quite of a bit of addition in terms of armament. Also, the wings can be flipped out to achieve a larger "rear fin" which adds to the aesthetic.

Unchanged since the original, with an added set of "wings / cape" attached to the original homage-styled wings. These fan out rather than rotate partways like the original, and can be positioned many, many ways - straight down like a cape, angled outwards like V-wings, or straight perpendicular like a T or Jetpack. Also worth noting the spear has can expand out from its compact form two a two-handled sphere which can pressure-shoot a white capture ring- which handily can be held like a Frisbee or data disc..

Ol Jacky's looking ready to mix it up. Head design change is subtle, with the side crests now having a "serrated" quality similar to the edges of the car. Shoulders are more angled and prominent before (and again can be repositioned in a couple different configurations). On a minor complaint my figure's right arm and right shinplate are somewhat loose, which is noticeable primarily because my PRID was one of the most solid figures I own. The wings can actually add quite a bit to this mode, depending on the chosen pose.

One of my absolute faves from the original Prime line, this Wheeljack is definitely a worthy successor. Design and colors are consistent throughout, and the new wings, two-handed spear, and disc add quite a bit of weaponry to a formerly slim-bladed figure. Like Classics Jazz, this is one mold I suspect I just may never get tired of. If only because it's an optional variant of a must-have mold: A-
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Beast Hunters Wheeljack-img_4857r.jpg   Beast Hunters Wheeljack-img_4859r.jpg   Beast Hunters Wheeljack-img_4855r.jpg   Beast Hunters Wheeljack-img_4854r.jpg  
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One of the few BH figs I really want, along with Voyager Op.
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This is absolutely revolting...Thank Primus for the Masterpiece line.
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I don't think this line will be for me, but the review is great! Thanks for sharing!
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I'm not keen on how the hood has the marbling, but the canopy is pristine white. Makes it look like an afterthought.
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I think this guy is completely AWESOME, I see no reason behind all the hate. They just look like "deployed weapons" versions that can retract all the spikes and junk any time they want, and they also just look really cool.
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The remolding on this one is pretty fantastic.
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*Adds BH Wheeljack to "Buy On Site" list*

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Looks great. Cant wait to find him along with the rest of the Beast Hunters!
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can we get a shot with the prid Wheeljack
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