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Beast Hunters Lazerback

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Beast Hunters Lazerback

Lazerback (think "Razorback" more than "Laserbeak") was the first figure I grabbed off the shelves in a moment where I wasn't quite sure if I was having a lucid toy-hunting dream. (Finding Beast Hunters months before expected, and completely unannounced Stunticon Bot Shots on the shelves in front of me?). But not all dreams last.. Onto my thoughts:

The card calls him a "dragon" although in this case, "beast" is probably the most appropriate term. He looks like a mix of warthog, chicken, and dragon and looks every bit as threatening and non-threatening as that combination would imply. There's a nice bit of RID Bruticus callback here, including the overall tech/organic feel and the color scheme or red/yellow/black with purple highlights. There are even circles in the hind legs which harken back to the Beast Wars insignia gems. The red plastic on the limbs seem OK to me (slightly metallic tone) while for some reason the torso seems more bland. It's pretty easy to see where a new head or longer neck could do a lot for the mold, but we'll have to wait and see on any future incarnations.

Transformation is unfortunately pretty rudimentary, with a couple nice side notes. This is a classic "stand up on the hind legs" beast design, with very little to stand it out. The legs barely transform in the conversion, and the fact that so much of the back is a detatchable weapon makes it feel somewhat hollow. The chest area does a good job of incorporating the beast head as well as moving out the shoulders so that the robot mode feels quite solid (as opposed to a beast head hanging forward), and the arms in the front would also be a better-than-usual transform if the colors for the forearm, hinge, and fists were more uniform.

At first this seemed like a "why even bother" mode, but as I spent some more time with it, in some ways it has more personality than the beast mode. There's an overall brawler body-type which is pretty consistent with a bulky torso and arms, matched with a dense and actually-quite-nicely-sculpted head. There's a couple ports available on this mode, which lets you hang the back cannon in a compact or deployed fashion, as well as put the tail up or down. Combined with the way the headcrest can be positioned up or down, and there's quite a few different configurations / profiles that can be achieved for the character. The tail-mace has some nice detail as well. With large clawed feet, the figure is quite stable.

This feels like the "gimme" in what I hope becomes a more distinctive / complex set of Predacons. It basically runs through a set of basic transforming "tropes" (stand up on hind legs, tail becomes melee weapon, beast head becomes chest) without doing much to improve on any of the basics. Still, in my view the configurability of the robot mode and overall design consistency (in spite of being somewhat uninspired) claw the figure to a B-.
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Beast Hunters Lazerback-img_4833r.jpg   Beast Hunters Lazerback-img_4854r.jpg   Beast Hunters Lazerback-img_4865r.jpg   Beast Hunters Lazerback-img_4861r.jpg  
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It looks like a Zords wanna be....Easy pass!! I've never liked beast-formers anyway.
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Only thing from the wave I'm getting. I'll paint him so he has more detail.
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Looks interesting enough. I'll probably give this a chance and pick this one up, though I doubt I'll pick up the rest of the wave.
Here is my Sale/ trade thread:
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Reminds me of the later Beast Wars toys when they stopped being recognizable creatures. Another awesome review. Thanks!
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I'm still reserving judgment til I see the show.

(516): Things to remember: Girls don't appreciate it when you yell "Beast Mode!" when switching to doggy style.
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So he's the "Starscream' of the Predacons.
Transforming daily .....
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Huh. This and Soundwave may be my only pickups from the deluxes shown. I'm really liking how this figure looks, and he's a pretty nice size to boot.
Add to that the fact he's a pretty unique beast-former, and I'm sold.
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Wasn't too big on him after the first pictures, but it really looks interesting now. Wheeljack's looking fine too, but I don't know if I can justify buying him!

Really, if you like Beast Wars you can't find too much to complain about on Lazerback.
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