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TF Prime Voyager Ultra Magnus

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Old 09-21-2012, 03:56 PM   #1
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TF Prime Voyager Ultra Magnus

Got this guy through Kapow Toys (thanks for the quick delivery!). Its interesting. Back when the Cyberverse Magnus was released, everyone one wanted a bigger toy. Not because it wasnt very good. But because it worked at that scale and it could be even more impressive when not restricted to that size class. And here we are. Brand spanking new Voyager Magnus. But how different is it. And is it really better?

First we have the truck mode. Its a rather un interesting vehicle. I dont know if its based on any real vehicle But its sufficient. Hmm well about that...

If you look at the back, all sorts of robo kibble jump out at you....

As a Voyager toy, he gets one powerizer weapon that converts between two modes, and one solid weapon. Here he gets a artilery gun weapon and a single missile.

Like the cyberverse version, Ultra Magnus can store his gun on the truck bed. But to do this you need to pull apart his truck bed, flip these grey pieces out, then close the truck bed again. Not the most elegant way of doing it.

Once mounted... It looks ok. But it doesnt peg in. Like at all. It just sits on top due to friction. While the holes do allow the weapon's pegs to go in, they are way too close together and doesnt allow both pegs to go in so the weapon becomes lop sided. Not a great design there...

Alternately you can mount the gun to the top of the cab. The missile can be mounted in a few areas on the truck too.

Heres a comparison between the Voyager and Cyberverse. Very similar trucks but some differences (Paintwork and the side details).

Both of the molds have the same problem of the legs showing though admittedly the Cyberverse is worse.

Weapons loaded.

So the transformation. Its VERY similar to the Cyberverse. Some extra steps here and there (arm flaps, rear wheels wrap around his legs) and an omitted step (turning the waist around). But even so, the transformation is so similar its uncanny. Yes they are the same character and based off the same design but yet you've got Dreadwing whose transformations are COMPLETELY different. Also I'd like to note that the CG art on the box is very suspect. It looks like a CG based on the toy. Just look at how the chest windows are segmented.

Well In general he look great. Better looking than the Cyberverse (Its a given right?). Very imposing. Needs a bit of paint work here and there, but nice. He's got four articulation in each of his arms, four in each of his legs and five in his chest. Ratcheting is limited to his elbows and knees. The rest are ball joints and normal swivels. Really sucks that his shoulders are ball-jointed. Mine wont stay up that well. Especially with his humongous weapon, which we'll get to in a sec.

His missile can yet again mount on the same holes that they could in vehicle mode.

I like it on his shoulders since it harkens back to the G1 era .

Now his gun. Its nice looking but its a pain to pose it when his arm's so floppy and the weight also makes it hard to balance.

A common complaint with the powerizer weapons is that they dont lock into the secondary mode. This was a problem for two reasons. One, they dont LOOK like weapons when they are not activated. Two, you cant pose with their weapons deployed. For Magnus, its not that much of a problem on both counts. His gun looks like a gun normally. But it can also lock into its secondary mode. The blue hinged piece here locks it in place. Mine was built with it backwards so I had to do some cutting to get it into the proper position. You can still see the scars .

And to nobody's surprise, the secondary mode is his ban hammer of justice . A cool looking weapon that may be just a little heavy for his poor aching shoulders to lug around. I'd say this is THE best Weaponizer weapon bar none.

Like father, like son?

Size comparisons with RiD Voyagers out so far.

So Pros and cons?

-Looks great in robot mode.
-Ban hammer of justice.
-Missile accessory on his shoulder is BRILLIANT.

-A bit too similar to the Cyberverse its scary.
-Aching shoulders.
-Backpack that hinders his leg's backwards articulation somewhat and renders waist articulation near useless.
-Those chest-to-shoulder pieces wont lock.
-Basically a bigger scale Cyberverse toy
-Only one missile accessory

So what is there left to say? Is it better than the Cyberverse? Yes. But barely. But is that such a good thing? You're paying quite a bit more for a scaled up Cyberverse with a neat weapon. Not exactly but close enough. I like it. But it may disappoint people who expect him to be as fun to transform and play with as Bulkhead, Dreadwing or anything that isnt Starscream.


Heres the set up seenm on the stock photo.

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Man, it really does look like they just sized up the Cyberverse version; and gave it a crappier color blue. Hm...
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Seeing him in these pictures, I'm not so sure if I'll be getting him now.

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Old 09-21-2012, 05:58 PM   #4
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That bot seriously needs more color, whether it be more paint aps or using more than just blue and gray plastic.
I'm not liking how the chest isn't really formed by anything from the alt mode. I know that happens with a lot of TFs, but it looks especially off here. Doesn't help that half the cab is just resting on his back.

Also, what's with all the light blue TFs lately? Rumble, Thundertron, and now UM.
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Old 09-21-2012, 06:02 PM   #5
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i'll be getting the cyberverse instead. eugh.
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All the blue makes him look bland and his head needs to be smaller.
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Ah ha-ha ha ha ha ha-ha!
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The bigger head actually does him a favour, I think-- the Cyberverse one was too pinheaded.

It definitely looks like something I'd enjoy, even if it does clearly suffer from some budget cuts. However, those are affecting all Transformers toys now, so I cannot rightly hold it against this one in particular. Overall, I think I'm satisfied; I'll still be doing whatever I can to get a hold of him.
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I still like the figure, I'll just do some touch ups on it.
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The bot mode definitely looks great, I'm just irk by the lack of paint app. You can see it more clearly with that comparison pic of him next to Cyberverse, very disappoint, that would certainly reduce the blue in him. I really love that idea of hammer/gun dual mode, very awesome, I hope it carries to his future incarnation toy. I'm curious, in vehicle mode, does the instruction sheet say the gun/hammer should be pointing to the front of the cab like the stock photo or facing the rear as in the posted pic/Kapow video review?
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holy shit! a prime autobot figure i actually want! its the sign of the apocolypse!!!!!!!!
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I think GreednGluttony may be Squidward.
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