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2012 Takara Sixshot Reissue

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Old 08-14-2012, 01:41 PM   #1
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2012 Takara Sixshot Reissue

Firstly, I'd like to apologise in advance for the terrible photography. I don't usually do this sort of thing, but I figured I'd not yet seen a thread for this guy, so I decided to give it a go. After all, this guy is quite pricey, and it might be nice for people to see what they're getting before they lay down the cash.

For those already familiar with the mold, you might want to read past the 'The Mold' paragraph, and head striaght to 'The New Stuff' a ways below.

The Mold

I never had a Sixshot when I was a kid, and even having seen some reviews for previous editions, I was still surprised at how big the figure was when I got him in hand. He's taller than MP Starscream, MP Prime (the new one), Encore Devastator and Reissue Piranacon.

Of the six modes, my favourite are the Robot and the Tank. The 'car' mode is probably the ropiest of the buch, but even that's okay looking. He's easily the most impressive G1 figure I've ever laid eyes on, in terms of build quality, complexity and heft - beating Powermaster Prime into second place in my eyes.

Seriously, photos don't do this guy justice. If you haven't already got yourself a copy of this mold, do so now!

The New Stuff

Despite being a 25-year-old mold, this guy is still solid, and shows no signs of degradation (at least on my copy). All the joints are solid, the ratchets nice and clicky, and the whole thing is generally put together well.

Plastic quality is excellent: it has an expensive, glossy sheen to it - even the parts that haven't been chromed. I'd liken the texture to the shiny plastic frame around a flatscreen TV; it almost looks polished.

The box looks great (pictures below) - it has a velcro flap on the front that opens up to reveal the figure; the backdrop to the toy is a G1-inspired mass of purple and orange squares.

The stickers have been pre-applied. I'm a big fan of putting my own stickers on, so this was a bit of a disappointment. However, they have been applied with real care, unlike those of, say, Encore Devastator - they're certainly straight and true.

The toy comes with a coin (actually, it looks more like a shuriken - see pics below), which although nice to have is hardly essential. I bought this figure from Robotkingdom, and to my surprise and delight they threw in a free copy of the Justitoys WST Sixshot, which was lovely of them! Whether they're doing this for all customers or maybe just their big-spending regulars, I don't know.

So? What's the Catch?

Really any niggles with this guy are minor. I had a bit of misapplied paint (I had some miniscule silver paint spatter on one of the legs, presumably from when they painted the car windscreen), but this was easily removed so no big deal.

Also, the hand weapons are quite an intricate design, and as such there are a few nooks and crannies where the chrome hasn't quite been applied. Again, this is only really visible if you look overly closely at them.

The other problem is the price of this guy. Before shelling out, you must really be sure you want him. As I say, this version sure is pretty, but if you already have this mold then you won't be missing out on too much by passing.

In conclusion, if you can justify the price to yourself, and you don't already have a Sixshot in your collection, this guy is an essential purchase.

However, I'm sure the hefty price tag will put a lot of people off, especially if they already have this mold.

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I've never been a fan of the colour green nor Sixshot, but oh boy... that green chrome DOES look awesome !
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Its still flawed to me.

Those stickers should have been tampographs. But I do like the additional painted details they added, such as the tank treads and chrome guns/chest.
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Beautiful looking Sixshot! I'd of brought this IF he wasn't so expensive.

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Old 08-15-2012, 01:25 AM   #5
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I was going to wait for Hexatron, but that damn green chrome.

Originally Posted by Superquad7 View Post
Also, Shatterpoint's post is pretty cool :)
Originally Posted by Meta777 View Post
Ah, Shatterpoint. Able to twist even the most mundane into the most hilarious.
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I know he is a pretty old figure, but I would be all over this if only his elbows can bend.
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Dont have the Original or the remake of sixshot but im definently considering this one.He looks so fucking clean and that box is just beautiful.
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Old 08-16-2012, 07:00 AM   #8
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Love the part when it is mentioned, being a 25-year-old mold, this guy is still solid, and shows no signs of degradation,that is one great figure that Takara has manage to keep of it's mold.
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No pics of the jefwolf?
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Im just going to wait for the Mastermind Creations version of this. That one is a better fit into my collection anyway and will most likely be the same pice.
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