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TF Prime First Edition Hasbro Version Deluxe Vehicon

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Old 11-12-2012, 07:30 AM   #81
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further to my praise of FE version the only thing that doesnt seem to work as designed are the rear wheel holders. THey seem to be designed to peg into slots, they push in ok but are forced out immediately, a slight mod will probably fix, however it gives it a bit of pseudo suspension as the wheel can ride up/down!
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Old 11-12-2012, 05:47 PM   #82
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After buying Assassins Creed III at Toys R Us, they gave me a $20 Gift Card. I was hoping to find Springer when I went in today to use it, but they had First Editions out instead, so I decided to put this on the card.

It's not amazing.

The car mode is leagues better than the PRiD version and that's what drew me to the figure in the first place. I also do like the sense of heft that this figure has compared to the newer one. The look is more imposing and whoever said that this is meant to be a bruiser earlier was right.

Transformation is clever but frustrating at times, nothing so elegant as the PRiD version's setup, but it gets the job done. Articulation is also inferior on the FE, though I think the FE has a better range of leg motion - wish it had the arms from the PRiD version. The backpack is also troublesome, but hardly the worst we've gotten on a car Transformer.

As others have mentioned, this figure works very well as a commander type and that's how I'll be treating mine. I actually have the backpack completely unfolded as well, giving the appearance of a mechanical cape billowing behind him. I can see this version of the Vehicon as a commander type with ambitions of overthrowing Megatron and usurping control of the other Vehicons.

So yeah, I don't regret the purchase certainly. I love the Vehicon character design, and while I'd say the PRiD version is probably the better representation of the design, the FE certainly still has a spot in my collection.

I think I'd be a lot more disappointed with it if I had paid with cash out of my pocket for it, but Toys R Us basically gave it to me for free, so yeah, I'm satisfied.
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Old 11-15-2012, 04:48 AM   #83
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Old 11-17-2012, 07:21 AM   #84
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Originally Posted by microclone View Post
further to my praise of FE version the only thing that doesnt seem to work as designed are the rear wheel holders. THey seem to be designed to peg into slots, they push in ok but are forced out immediately, a slight mod will probably fix, however it gives it a bit of pseudo suspension as the wheel can ride up/down!
My issue with the wheels was that one became a loose floppy mess. I had to unscrew the arm to pop it out of the ball joint and tighten it up with polish. I don't bother flipping the wheels to the elbow anymore. Not sure why they did that anyways since leaving them on the shoulder is more accurate.

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Old 11-21-2012, 03:45 PM   #85
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Got this guy from (along with GDO Cliffjumper - I think I got the Asian version somehow).

He's my 3rd Vehicon, first time with the FE mold. Very interesting transformation... not sure if I can get him back to vehicle without instructions... well, I probably can, but it'll take me a little while!

I definitely think there's reason for each side of the "FE vs. RID" argument on which is better. I'm pretty sure, in the end, I'll be one of those who like both versions, for completely different reasons. I like that the RID one has a quick transformation, and especially how it accomplishes a "vanishing car" trick. The FE is complicated and wonderfully intricate, though the kibble is a little distracting, and I'd like better arm articulation. I don't dislike those nitpicks, but they're there.

All in all, definitely glad to add this one to the collection.
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Old 12-04-2012, 10:59 AM   #86
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Is there no kind of bicep swivel on these or am I missing it?
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Old 12-05-2012, 06:02 AM   #87
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Originally Posted by kylash327 View Post
Is there no kind of bicep swivel on these or am I missing it?
No, you're not missing it, there isn't one. As much as I love this fig, that's my only minor gripe... his arm articulation is certainly lacking.
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Old 12-16-2012, 01:43 PM   #88
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He is a great figure, sadly, Steve just doesn't hold up to his brother PRID Steve.

However the nice big car mode actually fits nicely with a team of one FE and two PRID, then you have a pursuit and interceptor squad.
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Old 01-10-2013, 12:56 PM   #89
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I just got the FE Vehicon yesterday thanks to richardo. I already had a PRID Vehicon so a lot of this review will be in comparison with the one from the main line.

I really like the vehicle mode in general. That's part of why I wanted both versions. I do like the FE version a little better though for the following reasons.

1. PRID Vehicon has no back windows. There's molding where the windows should be but that's it. FE Vehicon actually has clear plastic for all of his windows.

2. They both have some panel lines as part of the transformation but I think the FE version looks just a little bit more solid.

3. FE Vehicon is obviously larger in vehicle mode.

4. They both have a weapon mount on the hood however FE Gun is half the size of the PRID gun and it doesn't look quite as ridicules mounted there.

In the same line of thought if you don't like the look of the weapon being mounted on the hood the PRID Vehicon has holes in the back of the vehicle mode where his gun can be mounted but I think this also looks rather ridicules so that's not really a plus. Actually the FE Gun looks better mounted on the back of the PRID Vehicon. The FE Vehicon doesn't have any other mounts besides the hood but it does have a weapon storage in vehicle mode which the PRID version does not have. So if you don't want the weapon mounted on the vehicle mode at all FE is you're best bet.

5. The back of the PRID Vehicon doesn't have paint or anything on the tail lights. They're molded in but that's all. He also has molded in tail pipes and painted stripes which the FE version is missing. The FE version does have painted tail lights. In this regards I think the PRID version wins this round except you could just paint the stripes on yourself or get the Takara version of FE vehicon then they'd be about even.

Enough of the vehicle modes lets move on to the Transformation shall we?

Maybe I'm being a little bias here because I've owned the PRID version longer and I'm already use to the Transformation but he seems easier and better engineered. I really like how most of his vehicle mode compresses into his legs. The FE version also has a step to lower his wheels. However he looks more accurate when they're left up and he just looks stupid with the wheels down by his elbows so I'm ignoring that step.

Now that I got them transformed time to compare robot modes.

1. Oddly enough despite the FE version being obviously bigger in vehicle mode the robot modes are about the same size. The PRID version is actually a little taller if you go by the shoulders.

2. Another plus for the FE Vehicon, his head isn't sunk into his chest. This has always annoyed me about the PRID version because I think his head should stand out a little more.

3. Another problem I had with the PRID version that's a lot better on the FE, elbows. With the way his arms fold up the PRID Vehicon has very awkward elbows that don't look or bend quite right. FE Vehicon has more solid and functional arms. Though I do have to point out the wheel on the elbow as that's the proper transformation. Even with that there it still looks better than the PRID version.

4. One down side of the FE Vehicon is his giant back pack. Everything that gets folded into the legs on the PRID version is just sitting on FE's back. Personally though I don't really look at the back of the figure so as long as the back pack isn't so heavy that they fall backwards I'm fine with it.

5. PRID Vehicon has the head lights and front tires on the side of his legs which is some kibble that has always bothered me. FE Vehicon has them on the back of his legs so he looks a bit better. However in terms of function the knees on the PRID version are all one piece so the articulation isn't hindered in any way. The FE version however the spikes are on a separate joint from the actual knee so they tend to stay close to the upper leg even when the knee is bent. This makes it a little hard to bend the knees when the spike is meant to be connected to it.

While I'm on articulation I should compare that next.

1. Because of the sunk in head the PRID Vehicon is a bit hindered. You can move it all the way around but it doesn't really look to the side so much as he's just got a kink in his neck. FE has a more natural looking neck rotation even though it doesn't go all the way around.

2. PRID has ball jointed shoulders which I like. FE has a hinge joint you can get the same range of motion out of it but it's a bit more clunky. Under that the PRID version has a bicep swivel while the FE version has nothing. Then the previously mentioned elbow joints. PRID has up and down wrist movement, FE has side to side. So despite the awkward elbows the PRID version actually has more of a range of movement in the arms.

3. Neither of them have any torso rotation.

4. Both have ball jointed hips and a swivel but the PRID version is a bit hindered with the way the hip joint is molded so it doesn't swivel very far. The previously mentioned knees. And they both have the same foot joint.

Finally I really should talk about their weapons for robot mode. PRID can just hold his gun or you can fold his hand away and mount it on either arm to look more like it does on the show. The FE version can also be mounted on the arm to look like it does on the show but with the shape of the gun it doesn't really fit properly mounted in the right arm and it's upside down in the left arm. There's also a second mount under the hand sense he can't really hold his gun. Kinda looks like an under slung gun that way.

There are pluses and minuses to both versions so it all depends on you're own personal tastes. To me I think the FE version is just a little bit better but I like them both.
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I'm just now getting into the Prime figures and this came in the mail today. I'm not sure if I like it better than the RID version, but I do like it!! It sure as hell is more complex, as well. And I'm still not clear on why they did so few 'First Edition' figures and then jumped into the RID's.
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