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Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Soundwave Headband

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Old 04-30-2012, 09:48 PM   #1
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Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Soundwave Headband

EDIT: I'm not sure if this belongs in 3rd Party Feedback

Now that I'm back from Botcon 2012, I'm honored to bring you guys a special convention exclusive treat. In this year's Transformers box set, there is a Shattered Glass Soundwave that is supposed to sport a rockin' neon green headband. Due to giant obstacles that were near impossible to overcome, FunPub decided to produce and sell this item independently from the set. This holy grail is limited to an extremely low amount of 750 pieces, I'm one of the few*lucky people to secure one and I'd love to share this rare gem. Here is the review.

Shattered Glass Soundwave Headband

Presentation: Compared to FunPub's other offerings, the headband's packaging is immaculate. Instead of making a specialized double faced corrugated cardboard box with styrofoam insert, FunPub used a priceless reproduction Ziplock snack bag instead. I'm "glad" that they chose the eco-friendly route. There's also a profile picture printed on high-quality, thinner than manilla, card-stock. The picture shows Shattered Glass Soundwave in an extremely dynamic pose; it taught me that Soundwave is left-handed and walks with really long strides. Thank God FunPub didn't bother to consider printing up small origami-like paper bags that have decorations printed on them. Though it would have added an air of class and elegance, I feel very secure knowing that I can literally see that both items are included. It'd be terrible if I found my package with a misprinted collector card; I wouldn't know what to do if it was missing.

Robot Mode: The headband feels like it's made with love, care, and a piece of gum. It's fairly malleable, but I wouldn't push my luck. Collectors items, like this, should be handled with the utmost respect as it's fragile; treat it like an egg. Though it doesn't match the neon green color used in all the character art (including the included card art), the forest Ninja Turtle green is the next best thing. In fact, I'd even say that it looks like Green Stuff putty. The biggest downside is that you have to take it on and off manually when you transform the figure. I'm sure the material used is durable enough to endure a lifetime amount of constant pushing and pulling right? The headband is custom fitted for Shattered Glass Soundwave, however, I'm happy to report that it's quite a versatile item. You can put them on other Transformers, Bot Shots, SH Figuarts, and even GI Joes. The possibilities are endless! Plus look at Soundwave… he goes from “boring teacher” to “ass-kicking surfer” by the simple addition of a single accessory; powerful stuff.

Overall: I only spent $5 dollars for this crucial accessory, I think that's a steal compared to the current secondary prices out on the market. Don't bother making yourself one using the cheaper and more functional ingredients... settle with this one. It's as official as an official product sans Hasbro/Takara trademarks is.

For more images (trust me, there are more) visit The Rabbit Haul.
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that head band looks like shit. its seriously looks like harded chewed gum and the fact this thing is going for stupid money on ebay is a shame.

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It looks horrid in green.

I might as well just use a yellow twist-tie when I get my Soundwave.

Originally Posted by Superquad7 View Post
Also, Shatterpoint's post is pretty cool :)
Originally Posted by Meta777 View Post
Ah, Shatterpoint. Able to twist even the most mundane into the most hilarious.
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germinates within you.
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That looks like someone melted and molded a candle into a head-band. It looks nasty.

Originally Posted by SG hailstorm View Post
Cuteness and evil rolled into one, kinda like dinodigger
Originally Posted by agentSAP2006 View Post
That's almost as scary as Dinodigger. Almost.
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Thank you. The delicious sarcasm made it doubly enjoyable
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Cooksux is awesome.

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Is it edible?

Check out my toy designs here!
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It looks like it was made from a strip of sour candy tape. I think a twist tie will do just fine.
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I can't believe they charged people money for these.

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