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TF Prime Powerizer Bulkhead Pictorial

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Old 04-12-2012, 11:34 PM   #1
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TF Prime Powerizer Bulkhead Pictorial

This is a pictorial review of the TF Prime Powerizer Bulkhead. The different views of the alt mode are as follows:

And the comparison of size in alt mode with the First Edition (FE) Bulkhead:

The FE Bulkhead's alt mode is slightly bigger than the powerizer one. Powerizer Bulkhead has a port on the roof to carry his powerizer weapon and there are some translucent bits around the roof area. Other than that, the alt mode looks almost the same, with the same tone of green (in comparison to the FE Hasbro version). This is quite amazing in view that the way each of them transforms are totally different.

Here are the different views in robot mode:

I had folded the backpack outwards to my own preferences but it is possible to fold the backpack forward closer to the back of the robot. The articulation is great on this powerizer bulkhead, no lesser compared to the FE one, so you are able to achieve nice poses with his arms, the legs has got good range of articulation as well but the poseability on the legs will be limited due to them being relatively short and the figure being top heavier. But like the FE figure, this toy does capture the character of bulkhead in the show brilliantly with lesser accuracy in comparision to the FE version. The shoulder pads are separate pieces from the arms and have tendency to flip flop here and there as you make arm movements or adjustments, unlike the FE version which is a whole entire piece for the arms. The shoulder pads are also given black paint app with a nice autobot amblem on the right shoulder, which is ok, it is not accurate but in my opinion, they don't take too much away from the figure.

Besides having port at the roof of the alt mode, he has got ports on both forearms to allow for the weapons to snap on. I can't snap on these weapons to the FE bulkhead as he has got no ports on his forearms and neither can I attach the wrecking ball from FE one onto the powerizer one as the hands do not fold in to form ports or lasers. But the powerizer bulkhead does have some very nice "spring" details shown on his forearms

Like the alt mode, the powerizer bulkhead is slightly smaller in robot mode in comparison, the transformation of the powerizer one is simpler than the FE one, which is what Hasbro wanted to achieve, which I guess in turn make the front shield on the chest "simpler". The FE chest shield looks more complex but nicer and more show accurate I guess. At the end of the day, I would say that the FE bulkhead is still the definitive bulkhead for collectors but the powerizer is not a bad figure at all, really. If you have not seen or had FE bulkhead, this powerizer is probably the best bulkhead you can have in its class. Hmmm....this powerizer bulkhead has got jaw articulation which the FE one doesn't!

And now to his weapons, there are two of them, one is the powerizer wrecking ball and the other a battle ram. The powerizer weapon (like the rest of the powerizer weapons of other figures) lights up and extends upon activation, and for bulkhead one, it features a spinning motion, which I guess is kind of nice....but not a huge fan of it. If you don't activate the powerizer weapon and lets it just sit on his forearm, it just looks kind of bulky. I believe some people will end up removing the spring, painting up the translucent wrecking ball etc.

And here is a group shot with the autobot cast and with his best wrecker friend, Wheeljack:

In conclusion, it is not a bad figure except that I am not a fan of these powerizer weapons, so far only megatron's one work for me, I hope the Takara's arms micron which transforms into a wrecking ball weapon will fare better.........we'll see. I do recommend picking him up if you see him in the store. If you have got the FE version and want to give him a miss, I guess it is fine too.
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Oh wow.

That is not as good as the FE. But you know what? NOTHING is as good as the FE. This is a perfectly, beautifully, wonderfully satisfactory placeholder for Bulkhead until they re-release FE sometime down the line (if at all). This is getting my money. If Hasbro re-releases FE, more power to them. But if we never see FE Bulk again, well, I'm at peace with that.

That weapon blows though.
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I was just about to go to sleep and decided to check for your Bulkhead photos.

I like this guy, and he compares well to the FE version. Since Hasbro refuses to release the FE Bulkhead in the States...I will be happy to buy two of the Powerizer Bulkheads and only spend 40 bucks. Compared to spending around 100 dollars for ONE FE figure. -_-

Hell, I can buy two of Starscream as well and STILL spend less...while having FOUR figures. lol

Excellent work with the photos. I'm sure some people here will complain about how Bulkhead looks, but he's cool in my opinion.
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Old 04-13-2012, 12:12 AM   #4
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While it doesn't look as good as the FE version (which we all know by now, thank you hundreds of FE vs. PRID threads in the toy forum), it looks to be a solid toy that's worth your money. So I'm definitely looking forward to picking this guy up, seriously an articulated jaw, nice.

So, apparently scale is possible in Transformers, feel free to check out the Transformers Scale Project.
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Nice review. Bulkhead, along with Starscream, is a Buy On Site with me. He isn't as nice as his FE counterpart, but he is way cheaper than the FE.

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Wow, that's horrible. I literally laughed out loud when I saw the picture of his side profile. His robot mode is just ugly and his headsculpt is derpy looking. And what the hell is that weapon? It's huge.

brb, going to go hug my first edition Bulkhead
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Not as bad as I expected. I'll probably pick it up.
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Wow. He actually looks really good. Even though I already have the Takara FE Bulkhead, I may well pull the trigger on this version. The alt mode is wonderfully seamless.
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Not that I'm bitter...

Actually, I'm bitter. Screw this toy, I'm out. Love the guy on the show, got my Cyberverse Commander, walking away.
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Not bad. As with all the AM stuff I have pre-ordered, I'm on a wait and see deal.

If this guy gets a decent repaint down the road I'd probably pick it up though.
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